Go—Logic launches its new brand for landlords and asset managers. The aim is to help them commercialise their properties faster and cheaper while maintaining everything under their control.

Go—Logic is the result of years of expertise acquired through Go—PopUp, a platform launched in 2014 to help brands looking for short term rentals. Go—Logic comes from the know-how about the brick-and-mortar sector and landlords’ needs: its SaaS Solution is a tailored service that supports the management of several properties and the entire booking process. It includes software adaptation projects such as consulting, customisation, development, training, installation and setup; and continuous support with hosting, software updates, fixes and customer service for questions or troubleshooting.

Go—Logic represents a new and unique approach, and a focus, on satisfying the needs of our landlords, powered by the experience of Go—PopUp platform and teams.” 

David Perez, Founder and CEO

//The Services

Go–Logic envisions to create a modern and flexible way to manage properties and event spaces.

 Software Services includes:

  • Listing a Spacethe possibility to list properties on Go—PopUp’s platform;
  • SaaS Solution: customised multi-property management software.

Personalised Services includes:

  • Space Promotion: promotion of  a space, such as- but not limited to- appearing in a specific landing page, promotion labelling, and communication campaigns;
  • Brand Scouting: proactively search for brands interested in a location with specific characteristics.

Personalised Solutions offers:

  • Space Renovation: transformation and preparation of any space to become an appealing destination for any brand; 
  • Retail Transformation: optimisation of the profitability and positioning of commercial spaces through a business concept.

For further information about Go—Logic the new brand for landlords and assets managers, follow us on LinkedIn or visit Go—Logic website: www.gologic.pro

Or contact Susana Almonacid, General Manager at Go—Logic at susana.almonacid@gopopup.com.



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