ARKET to launch a flagship in London and an e-commerce site

Arket, H&M Group seventh brand, officially launches tomorrow (August 25) with a flagship store in London and will start trading online in 18 European countries, with additional stores to follow in Brussels, Copenhagen and Munich. Arket means ‘sheet of paper’ in Swedish and its focus will be on sustainability, durability, and quality so you can expect … Continued

‘Stranger Things’ themed Pop-Up bar

If you need something to hold you over until the Stranger Things season two release Oct. 27, start planning a weekend getaway to Chicago. The Upside Down, a Chicago pop-up bar that’s inspired by the show, features everything from the classic wall of lights to drinks inspired by the show and its characters. Located in … Continued

Cheetos to open its first pop-up restaurant: ‘The Spotted Cheetah’

If you are a fanatic of Cheetos cheese taste, you’ll fall in love with the pop-up restaurant ‘The Spotted Cheetah’ in New York. Only for three days and with limited seats, those who visit the pop-up restaurant will receive a complete Cheetos menu: tomato soup, meatballs, sandwiches, nachos, chicken, tacos … even crackers and a … Continued

Welcome to the Coco Café

Throughout this year, the Chanel’s Coco Café has been travelling around the world with a single objective: to launch the company’s new beauty products. In these ephemeral shops, there is more than just coffee on offer. You can also discover all the beauty novelties of the French Maison. There’s also the opportunity to get a … Continued

Pop-Up on the road, Birkenstock Box arrives in NY

This July, Birkenstock embarked on a new project: a series of global pop-up stores, beginning in Germany (at Berlin’s Bikini store) and now travelling around the United States. The pop-up concept, called Birkenstock Box, is a shipping container redesigned by the architectural firm Gonzalez Haase to function as a mobile store that will move around … Continued

Print your perfect couple in 3D in this pop-up store, the dating website, has launched a new advertising campaign in London that seeks to show women their potential partners, available on their platform. The campaign consists of a pop-up shop that will feature 3D-printed miniature figures of seven singles chosen in Match. The pop-up store, called Model Males, will be located in Marylebone until … Continued

Mallorca is hosting New Balance pop-up store

The US brand has opened a store in Mallorca Fashion Outlet Mall to offer its clothing of other seasons at lower prices for a limited period of time. Ephemeral stores serve to open up the market, try out new situations, present a specific product and retain loyalty to the brand’s customers. These stores are powerful … Continued

SEAT to create unique experience spaces in the center of Barcelona

SEAT now has a location for its new space in the centre of Barcelona. The carmaker is going to open a unique concept at the corner of Paseo de Gracia and Avenida de Diagonal, at the intersection of the city’s two major arteries, aimed at becoming a benchmark in Barcelona’s cultural life and giving visitors … Continued

Visionario Shop in Maremagnum

Visionario, the first quality glasses brand at a revolutionary price, has relied on Go—PopUp to establish itself in Maremagnum shopping center. Visionario, which integrates vertically from the design to the manufacture of its glasses, plans to consolidate its presence in Spain in the next two years and, from then on, start its internationalization and land … Continued

Marbella, third stop of “Tesla On Tour”

After setting up his pop-up store in Barcelona, Tesla inaugurates a new pop-up store in Marbella. In the pop-up of the electric vehicle’s brand, you will be able to know in first person all the models of the brand – at the moment the Model S and Model X. As well as arranging a driving test … Continued

Bem-vindo! Go—PopUp lands in Portugal

We are happy to announce that a month after PopPlaces and Go—PopUp merge, we land in Portugal thanks to the Smart Retail Hub commercial alliance.   This alliance was designed with a unique vision: to promote and to revolutionize the retail sector, helping the creators of the world to travel and test new markets on an … Continued

Go–PopUp and merge to grow global

To spread brand awareness all over the world. To launch new products in global markets. To reach new audiences. To explore new markets. That’s what pop-ups are all about. Until 1997, no one had heard of a pop-up retail, but during the last five years it has been growing and developing further in every country … Continued

Visionario Shop en C.C. Maremagnum

La firma de gafas de primera calidad a precios revolucionarios, ha confiado en Go—PopUp para establecerse en el C.C. Maremagnum. Visionario, que integra verticalmente desde el diseño hasta la fabricación y la comercialización de sus gafas, tiene previsto consolidar su presencia en España en los próximos dos años y, a partir de entonces, iniciar su … Continued

Heineken Pop-Up Tram in Hong Kong

Guest Article by Romain Aubert from Popscout Few founding elements of Colonial Hong Kong stand today as they did over 100 years ago; one of them, aside from a few face-lifts, is Hong Kong’s infamous Tramways. Aside from being the coolest thing on the streets, they are the platform of an initiative that might just … Continued

Go–PopUp lands in Berlin, Paris, Milan and Hong Kong

Go-PopUp opens the doors to the international landscape. After months of work, the effort dedicated to unify and collaborate between European and global companies to create the first global commercial alliance of the pop-up retail sector becomes real. It is the first global network of pop-up stores, and the best marketplaces are joining it. The … Continued

Vanessa Opened Her Own Little Pop-Up Wonderland

by Katja Feldmeier She started her own pop-up in a lingerie store between daring underwear and sex-toys in Cologne. She got inspired by wandering the design-markets in Barcelona. Now Vanessa runs her own business in Hamburg and opens the doors of her concept store B-LAGE to other young makers and their pop-up ideas. We visited … Continued

The International Pop-Up Alliance

by Katja Feldmeier Around the world with pop-up stores. Go—PopUp is the co-founder of a new, international alliance of five European and Asian pop-up marketplaces. The fantastic five: Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Milano and Hong Kong Go—PopUp was one of the initiators of the world’s first collaborative alliance in the pop-up retail sector. The alliance was … Continued

Pop Into: Amsterdam

by Katja Feldmeier Travel. But this time, put away your guidebook, seek out those truly unique and memorable experiences. Pop-ups can be exactly that. Temporary in nature pop-up hotels, stores and restaurants are the perfect hideaways for the one-of-a-kind weekend trip. How about getting away for a few days? There is simply no better way to unwind … Continued

Flagship, Concept, Pop-Up Store: in a Nutshell

by Katja Feldmeier In times of increased competition, particularly in large European capitals, bold and innovative retail concepts have become part of a good brand strategy. The Retail Academy advises large and small retail businesses. For Go—PopUp they briefly summed up, what the most common concepts are and how they can be distinguished at first sight. … Continued

Dimitra And Her Littlepopup

by Katja Feldmeier Pop-ups can be magical places. Where there was an empty room with bare walls and floors one day, there could emerge a whimsical dreamland  the next. And it does not take much. A few beautiful pieces of furniture, some good lighting, attention and love for detail, a convincing product and of course … Continued

Vive La Vie! #popintoberlin In Paris

It’s the last destination of visitBerlin’s tour through Europe and the count down to Christmas in Paris. The city just looks magical in December. A lot of streets like Avenue Des Champs-Elysées, Avenue Montaigne, or Place Vendôme are Christmassy illuminated, spreading a very romantic and cozy charm. Discover Spaces © visitBerlin, Foto: Michel Blossier So … Continued

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