Ultimate Guide | Select the perfect space for your shootings and productions.

Are you looking for the ideal setting for your shooting sessions and audiovisual productions? In this article, we offer you key tips for choosing the perfect location that will take the quality of your images and videos to the next level.

Today we want to show you a series of aspects that we consider essential when selecting your perfect space for your next production.

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1. lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor in any audiovisual production. Look for spaces with abundant natural light or versatile lighting systems that allow you to create the desired atmosphere for your photos or videos. Consider the direction of the light and how it interacts with the different elements of the space.

2. deco & style

The atmosphere and decoration of the space can make a big difference in the final result of your productions. Choose a venue with a style that fits the aesthetic you want to achieve. From industrial and minimalist to bohemian and chic, make sure the space’s decor complements your creative vision.


Make sure the space chosen meets the logistical requirements of your production. Consider the size of the location, availability of electricity, accessibility for technical equipment and any other practical aspects that may affect the development of your shooting session. A well-organized space will make work easier and guarantee successful results.


Consider the acoustics of the space, especially if you plan to make audio recordings. Look for places with good acoustic insulation that minimize external noise and guarantee sound quality in your productions.


Look for versatile spaces that offer you the flexibility to adapt the environment to your creative needs. The possibility of modifying the layout of the space, adding or removing decorative elements and adjusting the lighting according to your requirements can make a difference in the final result.


Check if the place has accessories and equipment that can facilitate the development of your production, such as tripods, reflectors, photographic backgrounds, among others. Having these elements available in the space can save you time and resources during the session. Likewise, many of our spaces have a kitchen, dressing rooms, terraces, etc. that will undoubtedly make your work easier and improve the final experience.

Imagine the visual impact that a carefully selected space can have on your productions. From stunning backgrounds to versatile settings that enrich your images, the right location can be the key to elevating the quality and appeal of your audiovisual work.

Ready to take your audiovisual productions to the next level? Contact us today to reserve a unique space that meets all your creative and logistical needs! Our team will be happy to help you find the perfect place for your shooting sessions and productions, don’t wait any longer to bring your ideas to life!

With this guide in mind, you will be able to select the ideal setting that will enhance the quality and visual impact of your audiovisual productions. Dare to explore new locations and create exceptional content that stands out in an increasingly competitive market!

Our team of Premium Scouting experts as well as Project Managers will help you throughout the entire process for your next Pop-Up action. From ideation, to launch, through licenses, suppliers, staff, logistics, transportation and much more!

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