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According to Savills, New York, Paris and London are the top 3 cities where physical retail continues to drive great sales. Compared to other locations, these resilient destinations have shown the right characteristics to bounce back quickly this year. There is a mix of factors that helps these cities perform so well. One common factor is robust domestic tourism, especially for London and New York. A domestic tourist is a person who's away from its usual residence but still located in its home country for at least one night. It seems that the staycation trend started during the summer after the pandemic.

When starting a project for your next pop-up, consider these 5 inspirational ideas for stand designs. Why is design important? To attract the best crowd! Whether you're at an exhibition or in the middle of a square, a catchy stand is both the first visual message you send to your customers and the highest expression of your ephemeral action. Sometimes, design is just everything, especially if you are in the business of design itself or home decor.  By standing out you will drive traffic to your booth, retain it and offer some special entertainment features. Depending on your goals and

Sometimes you just need that space. The "wow" one. Either because you need to impress your guests, or unveil a secret company event. We're going to show you 4 of the craziest spaces you can rent in Barcelona: no matter which kind of action you're going to launch, there's something magic about these venues that will definitely ensure your event's success. VIP's style in a luxury gulet boat Disclose the purest essence of the Mediterranean by sailing away in this 25 meters long wooden boat. Equipped with a bar counter, bathrooms, terrace and sofas, tables and a sound system, this special

Berlin is very well known for its lively shopping life. It is often called the paradise of shopping lovers, the place where you can find everything you need. That’s why it’s also very common to find fascinating pop-up stores from the most various brands. To help you make yours come true, we picked 5 wonderful spaces in Berlin for your next pop-up shop.  Impress your guests at Torstrasse Located in the heart of the city, this is the perfect place to host company dinners, events, talks or pop-up shops in Berlin. It has a very large shop window that works great if

Oh yes, another year has almost gone by. While pop-up stores keep on gaining popularity as an incredibly powerful marketing strategy for retail brands, it’s now time to forecast which are the top 5 most innovative trends for pop-up stores in 2022. Grab your notepad and pamper yourself with some inspiration. Authentic Influencer Marketing Being an influencer has always been about becoming an icon of beauty trough perfect selfies. However, audiences are now looking for more quality content. And videos are definitely the most popular format to do that, thanks to the rise of Tik Tok, IGTV or Instagram Reels.  Influencers are

Pop-up projects can be fun. Yet, it doesn’t mean they are easy to organise. The key to success often lies in the tiniest details, especially when you’re thinking about breaking into new markets with complex pop-up projects.  That’s what we have confirmed while working closely with SmileDirectClub, a teledentistry company from Tennessee (US). Despite being digital native, the company is now trying to connect physically with audiences also in European countries. And pop-up stores happened to be the smartest solution to address the company’s needs.  Based on our experience, here’s 5 tips to keep in mind if you’re about to manage an

Among all the locations you can browse at Go—PopUp, there’s a Cube, and it’s a premium pop-up space. Sounds intriguing? Keep on reading and activate your imagination. Your next pop-up experience may happen just there! Cool pop-up venues and where to find them Small and quite spectacular. That’s how we would define The Cube, a 16m2 squared space conceived for pop-up experiences. The location is part of a pioneering project in Spain and it’s now placed at Diagonal Mar, one of Barcelona’s biggest shopping centers.  The best part of The Cube is definitely its versatility. Whether you’re a brand, an entrepreneur or an

How can we reinvent retail? Reinventing our new reality is a collective effort; we cannot expect brands alone to carry out this task. Customers, creatives, designers, together are rethinking the basis of retail, also when launching a pop-up.   Many brands open a pop-up as a way to showcase their product or service to a broader audience. In this uncertain period, could be the perfect way to attract new investors, test a new concept, or drive a specific purpose such as fundraising. Some pop-ups, in this particular period, for example, seek to offer high-quality products at more affordable prices as a way

Pop-ups, as flexible solutions, can be used for several purposes. However, today we want to focus on how to launch pop-ups in omnichannel environments and how retailers can use these functions in their marketing campaigns or integrating their business model. These three examples are incredibly valid in today's challenging market due to COVID-19.   //Showrooms If you are a pure player, pop-ups as showrooms can help you to increase online sales. How? A physical space can help your brand to build trust thanks to the face-to-face interaction. Also, if you are still at the beginning and your brand is not so well known, the

Paris is one of the most visited capitals in Europe. It is known not only for fashion but also for its culture and entertainment. We hand-picked 5 top locations to pop-up in Paris for you to pop-up. //Multipurpose space A former industrial workshop in the heart of the Marais neighbourhood, in Paris. Completely renovated in 2013 with finesse, combining modernity and classicism. The large white and refined spaces have retained the vintage soul through floors and beams' stone and woodwork. The gallery offers a total area of 850m2 on two floors, including an impressive glass roof. The building has two independent entrances,

If you are looking for a beautiful location to launch your next pop-up, we want to show you 5 best spaces in Amsterdam that we have hand picked for you. We picked them thinking on the current post-virus needs. We know that many businesses are struggling to understand how to comply with social distancing rules and make it sustainable. So we looked for locations that offer several settings that you can adapt to control access and that have several areas to accommodate your customers. //1. Creative space Situated in five historic buildings, our space is more a labyrinth than just a naturally

Pop-up stores come in all shapes and sizes, so what kind of people are needed to hire for your pop-up concept? You’ll get into the challenge on planning and finding the right people for your pop-store concept to make it successful. But don’t worry too much, our pop-up retail experts have prepared some valuable insights and guidance to help you choose the right ones.   Where to start? You have the perfect pop-up shop for your idea, products and activities are set, now all that is left is to present it. If your merchandise is of true value, but it is not

Storytelling is an excellent way to build up your pop-up store’s brand. It’s perfect for creating a brand persona as well as a presence. You can create a strong association between your brand and the emotions your storytelling brings out in people. Emotions are powerful, both for motivating people and for helping them remember your brand and products. Here are five storytelling tips to build up your pop-up store’s brand from our guest author Grace Carter.   Have a proper strategy You will be a lot more successful if you have a cohesive plan for how you’ll use your storytelling. Have some

If opening a pop-up store is a guaranteed success, imagine making it the highest sales period of the year: The Christmas campaign! One of the most apparent advantages of ephemeral shops is that they are a much cheaper solution than having a permanent store. More than 90% of sales are generated in physical stores, and 85% of consumers prefer to buy offline. Pop-ups provide a unique and original shopping experience that turns into a showcase for the brand in an interactive way and generates emotions. Result: higher notoriety, engagement and customers

Emotions and happiness are feelings with expiration dates. Boosting original ideas that make you jump on the street and react. Impact you and surprise you is more than a marketing strategy. Successful brands are those that manage to import people. A pop-up is more than a creative exercise! They are authentic scientific actions that communicate a brand story directly with consumers. Infinite possibilities that add value to the brand that goes beyond the celebration of the event.   Find the way to your customer's heart In a world where the large amount of information available in a multitude of devices creates a state

Ambiance, interior layout, setting and condition – All you need to consider to find the perfect spot for your pop-up idea. A great spot is the alpha and omega. Everything rises and falls on the right location. Even the most convincing concept won’t brew if the spot is shady. To find the ideal place for your pop-up, it initially helps to define your goals. What’s your mission, why are you aiming to open a pop-up store in the first place? The more specific you can answer those questions, the more tangible you can search the right space for your showroom, your

Thanks to the feedback you provide, we have verified that billing is a relevant topic to address for you. In this post, we will try to solve some of the most common doubts.   FROM THE OWNER'S POINT OF VIEW: Q: How will I receive money from a company that I have no bill to justify that income? Why does the invoice I have issued have a VAT higher than the money I will receive? A: Go—PopUp is not an event agency, but an intermediation platform between owners and users of spaces. As such, we follow the model and regulation (as far as it

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