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October 2023

The power of POP-UP STORES and experiential marketing Pop-up stores are the best allies since they are based on temporary spaces that allow customers to interact with products and brands that are not usually available to them, either because they operate online or because they do not have a physical presence in that area. or city. We show you some of the benefits of applying this strategy in your business, keep reading! What advantages do pop-up stores offer us? 1. Incentivize and surprise your clients ☺ The pop-up stores focus on the customer experience, therefore, through our temporary presence with a new theme and

THE BEST PREMIUM SPACES IN LONDON ARE ON GO-POPUP If you plan to hold a Christmas event in London, at Go-PopUp we want to inspire you by proposing ideas based on perfect spaces, in the best location and with the best facilities. We show them to you! ►THE EMBASSY◄ The elegance of this space exudes in every corner, combining classic and modern elements that will dress your event from start to finish. Located on Grosvenor Place, this space stretches across the gardens of Buckingham Palace and just minutes from Hyde Park Corner and Victoria tube stations, it has a rich history dating back to the

At Go–PopUp we strive to offer you the best spaces to make your dreams come true. All this in magical and distinctive environments that enhance your events. And this is a clear example, a unique location in the center of Berlin designed to develop pop-up stores, sustainable events, workshops, meetings, activities for clients, teambuilding and much more. If you are thinking about holding a premium event in a Michelin Star restaurant ★ 2023, here it is! This place is famous for its cocktails and has a wide variety of activities that will help you achieve all your goals, whether with your employees or

One space, thousands of opportunities. Whether you have a space suitable for film shoots, photo shoots, celebrations, corporate meetings, pop-up stores, marketing events or any other purpose, Go—PopUp is the ideal platform to showcase and monetize your space. VISIT OUR MARKETPLACE At Go—PopUp, we specialize in connecting venue owners like you with people and businesses looking for unique and versatile locations for their events and activities. Do you need to maximize the potential of your space and gain global visibility? Do not look any further! Go—PopUp is the ultimate platform to rent your space for a variety of purposes. You will also have the support

The perfect venue awaits you! The holiday season is upon us, and it’s this magical time of year when we gather with our loved ones, celebrate traditions, and embrace the spirit of giving. As holiday cheer begins to fill the air, so do plans for holiday events and gatherings. Whether you're planning to host a cozy family celebration, a corporate Christmas party, or a Christmas pop-up market, one thing remains constant: the need to find the perfect venue to bring your vision to life. At Go— PopUp , we understand the importance of finding the ideal location to make your Christmas event

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