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From a company dinner to a product launch, Christmas gathering, workshop, film shooting, pop-up store for your brand—celebrating, sharing, and making yourself known will always be a surefire and necessary success. Through pop-up actions, premium scouting, and space rental, you can turn all your projects into reality. We are facing the most important time of the year, making it one of the seasons with the highest demand for promotions and actions to showcase our product or service. For that reason, finding the perfect place is usually one of the main tasks and even one of the most difficult due to the

In the digital age, the insatiable demand for content has unleashed a true revolution in the entertainment industry. Europe, with its rich history and varied landscapes, has become the epicenter of an unprecedented cinematic boom. Both foreign and domestic production companies have found multiple European locations as the perfect canvas to bring their stories to life. This creative frenzy has brought about intense competition with a significant increase in the number of productions and film shoots. Simultaneously, it presents a logistical challenge: the need to find perfect spaces to carry out these ambitious productions, generating an unprecedented demand for authentic and unique

To rent central locations in busy cities and offer surprising experiences: this is the case of Lamucca's first pop-up restaurant, located on the iconic Paseo de Recoletos in Madrid. Ding Dong, as it is called, is an example of ephemeral architecture and marketing applied to the food and drink sector, something that does not seem to be so common (yet). In this pop-up restaurant customers will be able to appreciate a very special interpretation of the classics – and not so classics – of international street food. But what conquers the most is the attitude. Good vibes, sprinkled with some provocation,

Go—PopUp first location scouting in Ireland has led to a great partnership with Greens Are Good For You and we can't be more excited. The brand is an Irish female-led business. It aims to reducing waste, allowing women to wear colourful items in a sustainable, affordable way. Through their website, you can rent fashion clothes delivered straight at your door and then return them back. The shared wardrobe is their starting point to enter the circular fashion economy. And they loved the idea of bringing other sustainable fashion brands together, so people can shop in just one place. Everything in

Érase una vez, un contenedor itinerante de 30 m2 que se propuso llegar a cualquier lugar de la península a través de un roadshow por 47 ciudades en España, Portugal y Andorra. Un comienzo fascinante, ¿no? ¡Te contamos más acerca de nuestra inspiradora aventura con Simon! Simon, líder de cabecera para soluciones tecnológicas de iluminación y conectividad, ha apostado por una ruta experiencial e inmersiva. ¿El objetivo? Dar a conocer su nueva línea de producto en toda la peninsula. La linea se llama Simon 270, y de aquí el nombre, #RoadShow270. Se ha tratado de todo un reto. Organizar un roadshow

We're sure that if you know what Riot Games is, then you probably are excited about Arcane being released by Netflix. Time to spoiler it: a pop-up store for League of Legends lovers has been launched in Madrid! But first, let everyone get acquainted on what we’re talking about: Riot Games is the famous game developer and publisher of League of Legends game. And Arcane is the League of Legends inspired Netflix animated series that has just been released, with an epic promotional campaign taking place all around the world.  The epic promotional campaign Imagine great things. The first episode of the series

Many small retail businesses are now entering the market with a clear, meaningful vision: define a sustainable way of wearing, creating a positive impact in the fashion world.  Being eco-conscious about what you wear is now becoming important especially for new generations. Have you noticed it? Collections made of unique materials and advanced sustainable fabrics are hitting the catwalks and fashion shows. And it's attracting designers’ interest and people's attention.  SHOHEI is one of those small businesses riding the waves of this trend. Founded by Lisa Pek and name giver Shohei Yamamoto in 2016, the brand creates women and menswear collections by

Go–PopUp’s latest Success Story is SmileDirectClub Pop-Up: from online to physical touchpoints. SmileDirectClub was founded in 2014 as a teledentistry company in Nashville, Tennessee (USA). At the moment works in more than 14 states across continents: North America, Europe and Asia. PHYSICAL POP-UP IN BARCELONA SmileDirectClub is a digitally native company. It is pretty typical that companies born first in the online world decide at a certain point to connect to the end consumers, above all when the product is innovative.  The physical pop-up in Barcelona (Spain) gave SmileDirectClub the possibility to meet face to face customers, explain the product and answer any

Last weekend, we launched our latest Success Story in Madrid (Spain): a pop-up about 3D printing and creation. // The brand Artenea 3D is a startup dedicated to 3D printing and design services, 3D modelling for individuals and companies.They also offer package courses (group or individual) and medium courses, both for companies and individuals. The courses are adapted to children, adults, and even schools. 3D printing is a technology that has become a reality for some years now. But it is not yet part of our daily lives. In the not too distant future, this will be very different. Probably, we will all

We have already lined out a Success Story: our 2021 first pop-up, the Blood Bank. This year's edition started on the 8th of January and lasted ten days. The concept was "Donar sangre es otra película", (literally translated "Donating blood is another movie"); with the ambitious aim of receiving 10.000 donations. //Involving the community The latest edition kicks off intending to recover blood reserves, which decreased by 25% during the holiday season. Due to the pandemic's exceptional situation, treatments and surgeries have been delayed or rescheduled. This year, the collaboration of donors is needed even more. In Catalonia, there is blood for the

We have already lined out a Success Story: our 2021 first pop-up, the Blood Bank. This year's edition started on the 8th of January and lasted ten days. The concept was "Donar sangre es otra película", (literally translated "Donating blood is another movie"), with the ambitious aim of receiving 10.000 donations, in Barcelona, (Catalunia). //Involving the community The latest edition kicked off intending to recover blood reserves, which decreased by 25% during the holiday season. Furthermore, due to the pandemic's exceptional situation and the rescheduling of delayed interventions and treatments, there is need for help, even more. In Catalonia, there is blood

Last month, we launched a Livestream event with artist Daniel Berdala: Power to Creativity. Go––PopUp hosted the event in its office; we created the set from where we went live on our Online Pop-Up platform.  Daniel Berdala contacted us to launch an online event to reach out to a broader audience. As at the moment, there are strict limitations to physical events.  Daniel Berdala is an artist from Barcelona (Spain). He is also an art consultant and offers art workshops for private or companies’ events. The objective of the session was to show to a broader audience what he does during his

Some weeks ago, we had the pleasure to host an Online Pop-Up with Chef William Chilila. William, originally from Zambia, has SouthAfrikan and Ghanaian roots. In 2018 he was one of the finalists of Masterchef UK: The Professionals. I interviewed him to learn more about what he does, the online pop-up and future projects. Giulia: Tell us about yourself and how did you become a chef. William: I love fruits and spices, and back in Zambia where I grew up, I lived in a farm- surrounded by fruits, vegetables and livestock. I always helped in agriculture, growing crops and harvesting them. It was a

An ever-increasing blending between digital and physical was already a reality in a pre-covid19 society. In 2018, forerunner Zara phygital pop-up made it clear what the future could look like. The lockdown and following social distancing rules have changed the way customers behave. For example, during April 2020, Zara had a 95% YOY increase in the online sale!  Retailers understood that online is a must and that the physical store has to support further the increased sales generated online.    //Zara as a forerunner In 2018, Zara launched a pop-up store in Westfield Stratford, UK. It was the first store designed to primarily place orders and

If you visit our Shopping Center, you will find three Online Pop-Ups "Guayusa Company". I sat with Alvaro Bugaj to chat about his company and the events he launched on our platform.   Giulia: Can you tell us more about your company? Alvaro: Guayusa is the traditional drink of Ecuador‘s indigenous people, the Quechua. The dried leaves of the Guayusa tree, which grows in the Amazon jungle, are freshly brewed every day for tea. The stimulating, beneficial and sharpening infusion has become the national drink and indispensable for the Ecuadorians. My brother takes care of the whole growing process in Ecuador, working side by

During the last Holiday Season,  R.C.D. Espanyol launched a pop-up store in one of the most exclusive locations of Barcelona. Go–PopUp powered it! We were delighted to work with R.C.D. Espanyol.  It represented a challenge as they wanted a high-end location while keeping a connection with the territory and their story. Susana Almonacid is Leasing and Strategic Partnership at Go– PopUp, and she was the leader of this project: "The aspects to take into consideration were several; practical challenges, such as logistics and transportation of the container. Other aspects were: visibility of the location and coherence of the brand with the surroundings of

Flamingueo's first pop-up in Barcelona: located in the heart of Gracia, one of the coolest neighborhoods of the city. The pop-up opened for 3 days during the weekend from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February. Flamingueo is a digital native store. Emilio Peña (CEO), Pablo Niñoles (CTO) y Jacinto Fleta (CMO) launched it in 2016. They wanted to merge two hips concepts of our digital times. The flamingo, so trendy over the last years thanks to Taylor Swift, and "postear" which means "to post", referring to the constant need to post pictures on Instagram most digital native people have. They started

Kapten & Son pop-up in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) ended its experience on Wednesday the 15th of January, after 2 months. This is our last Success Story. We sat down with the Kapten & Son team to learn about this experience, as this was their first international pop-up store. The brand’s goal was to raise both local and international brand awareness. Moreover, Kapten & Son's desire was to offer an additional touchpoint to the customer, who can discover the brand's entire world in one location and learn more about all products.  The decision of opening a pop-up shows the twofold purpose. Following the

While it is evident that pop-ups are on the rise when it comes to the retail sector, they are entering new territories. If there is one trend, I think we will bring along to next year, and it is going to grow along 2020: it is using pop-ups as a recruiting strategy. I already mentioned this scenario when talking about the trends to watch during 2019, and to confirm this, just a couple of weeks ago, we successfully powered, together with The Gardeners a creative agency, a recruitment pop-up for Arkin. A mental health organization expert in psychiatry and addiction care operating

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