A pop-up about 3D printing and its creation

Last weekend, we launched our latest Success Story in Madrid (Spain): a pop-up about 3D printing and creation.

// The brand

Artenea 3D is a startup dedicated to 3D printing and design services, 3D modelling for individuals and companies.
They also offer package courses (group or individual) and medium courses, both for companies and individuals. The courses are adapted to children, adults, and even schools.

3D printing is a technology that has become a reality for some years now. But it is not yet part of our daily lives. In the not too distant future, this will be very different. Probably, we will all be able to print small objects or pieces that we need at home. Artenea 3D wants to educate the public about this innovative process. Its goal is to bring 3D printing to everyone in a fun and straightforward way.

// The concept of the pop-up

The main idea, behind this innovative pop-up, was to show live how a 3D printer works. Artenea 3D recognises that this technology is still little known outside of companies. Yet a very useful tool for anyone when they understand how it works.

In the pop-up, three operational printers and a prototype of another printer built by Artenea 3D were available.

The event has been a success since many families were interested. Especially in the courses and some products made by the Artenea 3D team were available, which were on sale.

//The location

The pop-up, held at X Madrid, followed the anti-COVID-19 security measures. X Madrid wishes to modify the static concept of a shopping centre. It was designed to satisfy the needs of a demanding generation: a tech-savvy audience that wants, through events like this, to understand more about how the world evolves. It is also a place to meet, where the public can access urban trend food while spending time with family and friends.

X Madrid shopping centre is part of our platform and our latest Success Story: a pop-up about 3D printing and creation. It was a success because, thanks to our knowledge of retail and trends, we knew how to connect the DNA of Artenea 3D with the right space, where the public would be interested in such an innovative concept and product.



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