Our first 2021 pop-up, the Blood Bank

We have already lined out a Success Story: our 2021 first pop-up, the Blood Bank. This year’s edition started on the 8th of January and lasted ten days. The concept was “Donar sangre es otra película, (literally translated “Donating blood is another movie”); with the ambitious aim of receiving 10.000 donations.

//Involving the community

The latest edition kicks off intending to recover blood reserves, which decreased by 25% during the holiday season. Due to the pandemic’s exceptional situation, treatments and surgeries have been delayed or rescheduled. This year, the collaboration of donors is needed even more. In Catalonia, there is blood for the next five days while the aim is to have enough reserve to cover ten days. The figure considered ideal in the health system.

People interested in donating blood could reserve the slot on a website, as they were booking a ticket to the movies. Guaranteeing safety measures and an organise experience, somewhat scary for some. Volunteers were welcomed with a red carpet and received popcorn. Also, volunteers received a photo as a souvenir, with mythical phrases from films adapted to the donation.

//Pop-ups serving a purpose

Over the last year, pop-ups have boomed again, in retail but also across industries.
Due to the challenges brought by the pandemic challenges, pop-ups have come around as a flexible solution solving several problems simultaneously.
Especially during the lockdown, pop-ups were used to support the community, providing essential goods or services.

SUPERMARKET POP-UPS: were launched to support communities and neighbourhoods to have closer access to food and goods. But pop-ups were used also to support healthcare workers and facilitate their shopping.

HEALTHCARE POP-UPS: due to the sudden need for more facilities dedicated to the healthcare sector, pop-up covid hospitals were launched. And pop-ups were also used as covid test solutions. Or a free vision pop-up clinic in Bangladesh.

MUSEUM POP-UP: in the aftermaths of the protests that shook the USA last year, there was the need to explore what happened. A pop-up was a flexible solution to showcase the peaceful protest.

LIBRARY POP-UP: ephemeral solutions to support minorities, such as black women writers.

Just as the latest Success Story: our 2021 first pop-up, the Blood Bank. No matter the reason, the concept, or the purpose of the pop-ups: they are as flexible as you want them to be!

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