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The perfect venue awaits you! The holiday season is upon us, and it’s this magical time of year when we gather with our loved ones, celebrate traditions, and embrace the spirit of giving. As holiday cheer begins to fill the air, so do plans for holiday events and gatherings. Whether you're planning to host a cozy family celebration, a corporate Christmas party, or a Christmas pop-up market, one thing remains constant: the need to find the perfect venue to bring your vision to life. At Go— PopUp , we understand the importance of finding the ideal location to make your Christmas event

Many luxury brands have chosen to use pop-up stores as part of their marketing and sales strategies. These pop-up stores allow them to create exclusive experiences for their customers, generate buzz and stand out in the market. In 2022, these types of stores accumulated 68% of commerce activity deluxe. GET INSPIRED BY THE POP-UPS THEY HAVE MADE THESE LUXURY BRANDS GUCCI Gucci is known for its creativity in the world of pop-up stores. They have organized pop-up stores in various cities around the world to launch new collections and exclusive collaborations. LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton has used pop-up stores to present its fashion and accessories collections in

165 countries, 4 days and 1,500 exhibitors: these are the numbers expected at this years’ edition of the Mobile World Congress. The leading global meeting for the connectivity and tech innovation sector will open its doors in Barcelona next Monday, attracting more than 100.000 attendees.  We are excited to share that Go—PopUp will be present at the event in two different stands, showcasing the latest news and projects. Visitors will be able to meet our team under the framework of 4 Years From Now, the startup event of the #MWC22. The final goal of this inside-event is to support startups, investors and

We have been quiet, and it's because we have been working on something, just for you: news about some upgraded functionalities! Go—PopUp has upgraded some functionalities! Our aim has always been to support you in achieving your goals by finding the best location for your pop-up event.  We upgraded our functionality to make the navigation experience on our platform more user friendly. //Revamped map and filters We revamped the map to allow you to find easier and faster the venues with the characteristics you desired: A faster and precise map: to better access thousands of venues,More accurate filters: to better select your preferred locations,Direct navigation

Go—PopUp’s 2020 Milestones: what a year! The team kicked off the year in a team event in Valencia (Spain). The weather conditions that day were far from the usual Spanish sunny days. Only a couple of days after the team outing, storm Gloria hit Barcelona, where Go—PopUp has its headquarters.  Little we knew that another type of storm was around the corner.  The pandemic has been a setback for so many industries. Since the very first week, our team kept working online to coordinate our job. Supporting our customers in any way we could.  What a journey it has been this year! Looking back

Go—PopUp has signed its latest partnership agreement with Americanoize, an agency specialised in Influencer Marketing. This partnership will support Go—PopUp when finding the key-influencers for any Online Pop-Up event. //About Americanoize Americanoize is an international Influencer Marketing Agency based Miami- Florida- in the United States. They work with celebrities such as Christian Bale, Natalie Portman or Al Pacino. Today, Americanoize is considered as one of the best influencer marketing agencies to support brands in their growth strategies. Its primary services include: the selection of the influencer that best suits the brand and its objectives,strategy and execution of campaigns,organisation of events with influencers,content expansion,monitoring of

Discover our new Premium Services: add-Ons you can access to make your Online Pop-Up more attractive, interactive and adapt it to your concept.  Last April, right after half of the world was in lockdown, we launched a new product: Online Pop-Ups.  A dedicated platform where any brand can launch a live event and create a Livestream Shopping experience.   We have been working hard to make our Online Pop-Ups more customisable to each brands’ needs, and with the Premium Services, we believe the events can become more interactive and appealing to your public. //JUMP ONTO THE DIGITAL INNOVATION Navigate through our options and choose what adapts

We are happy to share with you that Go–PopUp signed a commercial agreement with The Hood.    //About The Hood The Hood, located in Lisbon (Portugal), defines itself as “the anti-mall.” It promotes an innovative concept aimed at a public moved by the desire of sharing ideas, art, and experiences- creating a feeling of neighborhood and community.  What stands out about this compact is that artistic, creative, and playful components coexist on an equal footing with the commercial segment. The center offers a selected mix of leisure, culture, food, and retail, for everyone looking for new trends.  // The agreement Go–PopUp is always focused on finding

While consumers remain confined to their homes, they are willing to engage with brands more than ever using alternative digital solutions. The latest way to connect to customers, using digital channels, is a necessity in current times. However, pretty soon, it will become an integrated part of the retail omnichannel approach to consumers.  Online Pop-Up Store: our latest product, it is the answers to connect to your customers and community through a simple click.   //What is an Online Pop-Up Store? Via our platform, through a few steps, any brand can create an online pop-up. It is a space where a brand representative

As weeks go by, we are starting to settle into our new routine. How to live online: rethinking a new tomorrow. Remote team meetings, working with a different type of distraction, namely the children or the pets, using the internet to connect with the world and dressing up more comfortably - at least waist down.  Day by day, this new routine is becoming a habit. New habits will shape how we will behave in a post-virus society. As a result, this will form what we do as consumers.  Trends shape over some time, so we track changes, to understand where turmoils are

Over the last month, we have experienced a sudden change in our routine. Confinement and social distancing have caused the disruption of social life, and events, such as pop-ups, have been canceled and postponed. We now have time to think about what to do in the future, so we are launching a “Canvas Consulting Service”, our latest product. The crisis brought by COVID-19 is coming as a great reset of how we carry out our society and our ways of living, so we decided to launch a service that will support you to be prepared for the future.  Some time ago, we

Our Go—PopUp team is working from home. We believe that despite the confinement, it's time to stay together, now more than ever! These are challenging times, but we believe that every crisis corresponds to an opportunity. We are seeing many exciting examples of how quarantine is strengthening communities. In Italy, we have seen people singing together and keeping each other company from their balconies. In Seville (Spain), we have seen a young coach sporting with kids, each one from the balconies of their homes. Many neighbours have created Whatsapp chats to help each other with regular chores, such as buying food

Last weekend the street of Poblenou, one of the most artistically vibrant neighborhoods of Barcelona, hosted a light festival. During the 2020 edition of Llum BCN and Off Llum BCN, art and public space became the protagonists. Go- PopUp has its headquarters in Poblenou. Therefore, together with Poblenou Urban District, we promoted the event but also actively participated together with Razzmatazz and SONO. Our façade became one of the canvases.   //The event The event was born with the idea of challenging the concept around public space and how to use it. We felt identified with this concept, as pop-ups also challenge the

"We know that time passes constantly and that there is no one day when everything suddenly changes, but humans need milestones to recapitulate and make plans. We are at that moment. The truth is that we have been preparing throughout 2019 for major changes in 2020, including new products and services, and continue to grow geographically. Among these challenges, there is a special focus on what we can offer to the owners and managers of the spaces and very soon we will announce a new specific line of business for this. We want to help owners more and more profitably improve

Lanzadera is business accelerator project based in Valencia (Spain) together with EDEM School of Entrepreneurship and the investment society Angels, it is a project wanted by Juan Roig the CEO and President of Mercadona Group, main retailer in Spain with a turnover of more than 23.000 millions of euros and with 25% of shared market.  Lanzadera started with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs to create a solid business model, to bring value through productive work, effort and leadership.  The project has recently taken under its wing 40 new innovating companies working in different fields and starting the 3 programs they offer: acceleration,

Let’s start with a look back in history, we would like to give you a little inside on what happened during our last team event in Barcelona. We came together as a team to reflect on and paint the future of the business we are in— pop-up store retail and experiential marketing.   Reflecting on ourselves and about our company Our Go— PopUp story started in 2013 literally with a blank canvas and the idea of a painting. We wanted to change the way retail and real estate industry functions, by opening the gates for new ideas and concepts to empower both businesses

Yoochai, Portugal's leading platform for booking short-term retail space, has been acquired by Go—PopUp. Both companies are known in the market for their vast amount of pop-up spaces in a variety of styles, that give clients from all around the world the opportunity to find the perfect location for their temporary retail activation or event.   Starting June 18th 2019, Go—PopUp takes over Yoochai's entire operation. This move strengthens the company's position in Iberia while continuing its global expansion. In addition to continental Europe, Go—PopUp is now active in the UK, Australia, Argentina and Hong Kong. Yoochai's customers in Portugal will continue

We’re delighted to announce our participation at Retail and Brand Experience World Congress held in Barcelona from 27th to 29th May 2019. We’re also selected as a finalist for the R&B NEXT! Awards, which will be held as part of the event.   Arrange your personal meeting   What is it about? As part of the next wave of innovation in retail and brand experience, you can meet us at our booth and discuss with us the right solutions for your brands pop-up store, live communication event and experiential marketing campaign - discover where and how to start moving towards the future of retail with

Our studio space was packed with everyone having an incredible time while having a drink, listening to live music and looking through artists and brands. The pop-up event opened its doors at 12:00 on May 4th, letting the first visitors in to get the first peeks of the gallery and marketplace in our office studio in Carrer de Pamplona 88.     At 16:00 the very anticipated Aleix Gordo Hostau from Goho Studio started working on the Live art performance, which kept everyone interest throughout the whole process till it was finished five our later! An incredible art piece called “Dale Caña

We have teamed up with Adictik and Poblenou Urban District to host an Open Pop-Up Gallery and Market for the Poblenou Open Day the 4th of May. In collaboration with local artists such as Ewelina Więcław, Aleix Gordo Hostau (Goho Studio), Ceci Montobbio, Gemma Canal, Paula Valera, Juan Manuel Hincapié, Marina Romero and Daniel Berdala, we are filling our brand new office studio space next to the Razzmatazz with art, photography, music and brand culture in a unique experiential pop-up format — only for one day.   Enjoy for the whole day the art and work of our featured artists, illustrators and

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