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April 2020

During uncertain times some companies might find it difficult to adjust their tone of voice to the new situation. Nowadays, the questions companies ask most of the time are: how to communicate with consumers during COVID-19 and how to promote my products or services but sensibly? I have already shared some cultural tensions the lockdown has highlighted, you can read the article here and learn more about it. Some of those same cultural tensions are causing a shift in the way companies communicate with their customers, no matter what channel they use.   //Three cultural tensions and communication I would like to focus on three central

Hosting an online pop-up is an incredible opportunity to entice the attention of your community. For your pop-up to be appealing and successful, you should take into account some characteristics your pop-up should have. Also, you should put into place a little strategy to maximise the time you are spending with the participants, that is why we want to share with you how to create a successful online pop-up store.  Remember, your pop-up should have an added value to the purchase experience. Use your expertise to create this value so more customers will participate, again and again. //What you should keep in mind Structure

While consumers remain confined to their homes, they are willing to engage with brands more than ever using alternative digital solutions. The latest way to connect to customers, using digital channels, is a necessity in current times. However, pretty soon, it will become an integrated part of the retail omnichannel approach to consumers.  Online Pop-Up Store: our latest product, it is the answers to connect to your customers and community through a simple click.   //What is an Online Pop-Up Store? Via our platform, through a few steps, any brand can create an online pop-up. It is a space where a brand representative

Despite the turmoil we are going through, pop-up shows that they can adapt to these difficult times. We continuously monitor how companies, retailers, organisations and even institutions are using pop-ups as flexible solutions. There are some alternative and mobile pop-ups, inspirations in COVID times. Now, more than ever, we need secure solutions to reach out to our customers. As most of the world is still in quarantine, in some countries, the restrictions start to loosen up. And, it is still unclear how stores will be fully operational while guaranteeing the WHO's guidelines.   //Inspo from the past Most of the time, when talking about

As weeks go by, we are starting to settle into our new routine. How to live online: rethinking a new tomorrow. Remote team meetings, working with a different type of distraction, namely the children or the pets, using the internet to connect with the world and dressing up more comfortably - at least waist down.  Day by day, this new routine is becoming a habit. New habits will shape how we will behave in a post-virus society. As a result, this will form what we do as consumers.  Trends shape over some time, so we track changes, to understand where turmoils are

Amid the rapid current changes, cultural tensions are replacing almost all the predictions done at the end of 2019. Every day, new and inspirational pop-up events are showing, more than ever, how much we need flexible solutions to survive this turmoil. Some of these cultural tensions will last even after the peak of crises will be over, some will become the new normal, only time will tell.   //Rapid changes and pop-ups as solutions  Lockdown vs globalisation: the lockdown has exposed if we had any doubt, how interconnected we are. We depend on each other's economic functioning and social mobility. Therefore, local governments

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