Despite the turmoil we are going through, pop-up shows that they can adapt to these difficult times. We continuously monitor how companies, retailers, organisations and even institutions are using pop-ups as flexible solutions. There are some alternative and mobile pop-ups, inspirations in COVID times.

Now, more than ever, we need secure solutions to reach out to our customers. As most of the world is still in quarantine, in some countries, the restrictions start to loosen up. And, it is still unclear how stores will be fully operational while guaranteeing the WHO’s guidelines.


//Inspo from the past

Most of the time, when talking about pop-ups, we think about a store or an indoors physical space. However, pop-ups are adaptable. With the current restrictions and future uncertainties, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. So, we looked at the past and found some solutions that could be perfect in a post-virus society, where some social distancing will be still mandatory. Check it out:

//Current Inspo

The big supermarkets can carry out regular business if employees can work in safety, as they have more space to guarantee distance among people. Yet, not always it is possible to put into place all the measures imposed by the social distancing. Some companies, when they can, offer home delivery.

Boelter, a Milwaukee based company, focused on B2B restaurant supplies is using its trucks to launch pop-ups store, offering those essential items that people need the most, switching to non-retail customers. They sell towels, take-out containers, latex gloves, foil, cling film and other essentials. Of course, the top seller has been the toilet paper. By creating a pop-up store on wheels, they can respect social distancing guidelines, the transactions are contactless, and customers can call ahead to place the order, speeding up the process.

It is an invaluable service to the community and to its customers to be active in a period when people need it the most.

Would like to launch a pop-up on wheels, keep your business running and being helpful to your customers? We have some pop-ups on wheels in New York, Lisboa and Barcelona. 

In Berlin, Munich and Koln you can find a box that moves everywhere you want.

Or maybe you want an outdoors experience, but on the water? In Berlin, we have that too!

Photography: Our mobile solution in New York City.


//Alternative solutions

These are some alternative and mobile pop-up, inspirations in COVID times. It is possible to experience the outside,  being in the open won’t bring along all the sanitation aspect that a close store might bring along. While space will allow respecting the minimum distancing; last but not least, these alternative solutions can help you to serve better your customers, during a time that mobility is limited to the areas around our houses or work.



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