Amid the rapid current changes, cultural tensions are replacing almost all the predictions done at the end of 2019. Every day, new and inspirational pop-up events are showing, more than ever, how much we need flexible solutions to survive this turmoil.

Some of these cultural tensions will last even after the peak of crises will be over, some will become the new normal, only time will tell.


//Rapid changes and pop-ups as solutions 

Lockdown vs globalisation: the lockdown has exposed if we had any doubt, how interconnected we are. We depend on each other’s economic functioning and social mobility. Therefore, local governments are finding strategies to try to contain the spreading of the virus while sharing solutions and discoveries that can benefit all.  

  • Inspiration: Southview Medical Group in Birmingham (Alabama) has found a solution to keeping patients safe during the pandemic. Their pop-up Phlebotomy lab is a service to draw blood at the patients’ door, with no need to visit the hospital in such a delicate moment. So far, they report having treated 107 patients possibly suffering from COVID-19, with only a few cases coming back positive. 

Quarantine vs mental health: in the latest years, our societies have been increasingly affected by a higher number of people experiencing, at least one time, in their life a mental health problem. The quarantine enforced by several governments across the world has immediately brought to the public attention that such severe, yet necessary measures, could represent challenges for some people. As the quarantine gets extended, and it is not clear yet when and how our life will go back to “normal,” we need to find new ways to socialise.

  • Inspiration: Cane Island, in Katy (Texas), is adapting its outdoor space to a drive-in movie theatre, allowing people to enjoy an out-of-the-house experience still while not being in direct contact with other people. The event is free to attend, and it represents a flexible solution during social distancing times.

Social distancing vs the service economy: the virus has hit hard businesses across-sectors of our economy. The internet and access to it, today, is no longer a commodity: it represents being able to offer a service and being connected to the family, friends, and the “outside.” There is a new way to experience the world: virtual tours to museums, fitness live classes or online gatherings such as parties, or concerts offered directly from the houses of the artists. 

  • Inspiration: Kave Home, a furniture company with an omnichannel approach, is offering virtual tours of their stores. The perfect way to keep customers engaged despite the confinement, offering an experience that facilitates the purchasing decision. 


No-touching vs physical appointments: online-based services were already a thing in the pre-virus era, but as our lives are confined to the walls of our homes, teleservices become essentials, above all in the health system. 


  • Inspiration: Doxi is a product that allows doctors and patients to video chat. According to the founder, Brandon Welch, the use has increased three times the usual traffic, with the need to hire new staffing as well. Avoiding hospitals is a must, while the risk of contagion is still high. Such services could find a new dimension and bring to a minimum number, certain types of physical appointments.


//The nearby future

It is too soon to understand how long it will take to find new normality. However, life will have to resume slowly. 

Probably, it will be a gradual endeavour that will force society, and as a consequence, the retail, to find flexible and creative solutions. We will adjust our life to new needs such as avoiding big crowds and sanitations of public spaces, just mentioning some possible changes. 

If you want to start speculating on how your industry could revive in a post-virus economy, we can evaluate what type of pop-up could help you to reconnect with your community.

COVID-19 has brought several cultural tensions as well as inspirational pop-up events that can be the starting point of our analysis. Take a look at our latest product: Canvas Consulting Service, a bespoke project to plan your future pop-up, with our support!



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