Go–PopUp sign a collaboration with La Devanture

Go—PopUp and La Devanture, are happy to announce their partnership. 

Go–PopUp aims to continue growing its presence in Europe and to be able to support their clients both locally, in France, and across Europe.

For La Devanture the collaboration, with Go–PopUp, guarantees access to countries outside their current expertise: Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.  

The collaboration between La Devanture and Go—PopUp means together they can offer more, better, hands-on services, on top of the best location, staffing, store design, PR/marketing campaigns and logistics. 

Go–PopUp will support La Devanture when launching cross-European pop-ups and end-to-end projects when it comes to: 

  • Pop-up Store operations
  • Design of concepts and budget calculation;
  • Construction and location management;
  • Event promotion and management.


//About La Devanture

La Devanture launched in 2017, with the idea of connecting landlords with anyone looking for a unique and inspirational venue to sell their products, exhibit their art or test a new concept for a short period. In times of continuous changes in the retail and real estate sectors, Le Devanture believes that it is vital to offer value-added services to customers. The objective is to share their expertise in setting up the best pop-up events, as these become a critical pillar of the retail strategy of many brands.


//Go–PopUp’s Vision

The vision of becoming an international reality has always been part of the DNA of  Go–PopUp. One of the first milestones, reached in 2016, was the agreement with the Smart Retail Hub Alliance which has allowed Go–PopUp to be more present across Europe promoting and to revolutionising the retail sector. Therefore they are frequently on the lookout for new partnerships, read here about previous collaborations.

Go–PopUp has become an expert in managing international dynamics; they know that the retail market is continually changing; however, local needs, based on cultural references, can be covered only by collaborating with local organisations. That is why they closed this agreement, and they will keep growing their network and become the most vital partner when it comes to the world of pop-ups. 

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If you are planning to launch a pop-up in France, contact with our Country Manager: Mirjam Stibbe,  at 




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