Discover our new premium services

Discover our new Premium Services: add-Ons you can access to make your Online Pop-Up more attractive, interactive and adapt it to your concept. 

Last April, right after half of the world was in lockdown, we launched a new product: Online Pop-Ups. 

A dedicated platform where any brand can launch a live event and create a Livestream Shopping experience.  

We have been working hard to make our Online Pop-Ups more customisable to each brands’ needs, and with the Premium Services, we believe the events can become more interactive and appealing to your public.


Navigate through our options and choose what adapts better to your pop-up. We can help you in different aspects depending on your brand’s personal needs. 

These are our Premium Services:

  • Online Pop-Up Production*: Cameras, stage lights, decorations, or even renting a studio and hiring video and sound technicians- we provide everything you need for your pop-up.
  • Influencer Marketing: We will find the influencer that shares your brand’s objectives and values to present and promote the Online Pop-Up Store.
  • Livestream interview*: we find a journalist to lead an interview and promote your products, or services.
  • Chat Moderator*: we provide a chat moderator to manage the live chat.
  • On-demand consulting project: We offer our consulting services to design and carry out your online strategy successfully. The first meeting is always free.
  • Scouting of location and setup: we provide you with the most suitable location and the necessary technical devices and audiovisual configuration for your event.
  • Lead Generation: We can help you increase your audience by promoting the event through lead generation channels.
  • Online Pop-Up Host*: we find the best candidate to host your pop-up.

 *At the moment these services are available only in Spanish and English.




These Premium Services come to reinforce your omnichannel strategies as today, more than ever, connecting the online and offline experience will be essential for success.  Online Pop-ups will benefit your physical store, have an impact on your e-commerce and will allow you to use the video of the event on other channels too.  

Let us know your idea, and we will evaluate it. Contact us!

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