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November 2020

The Internet has changed the way we socialise and the way we behaved as consumers. Influencers have become an essential part of the latter dynamic, and any brand should include them in their strategy. So, how to use an influencer in a Livestream event? But first of all, who is an influencer? An influencer is a public figure that through his/her exposure on social media has become a public figure with a certain number of close-knit followers.  Every influencer has a reliable public. It can be a worldwide group of followers making the influencer known cross-industry such as Chiara Ferragni. Or it

Go—PopUp has signed its latest partnership agreement with Americanoize, an agency specialised in Influencer Marketing. This partnership will support Go—PopUp when finding the key-influencers for any Online Pop-Up event. //About Americanoize Americanoize is an international Influencer Marketing Agency based Miami- Florida- in the United States. They work with celebrities such as Christian Bale, Natalie Portman or Al Pacino. Today, Americanoize is considered as one of the best influencer marketing agencies to support brands in their growth strategies. Its primary services include: the selection of the influencer that best suits the brand and its objectives,strategy and execution of campaigns,organisation of events with influencers,content expansion,monitoring of

Discover our new Premium Services: add-Ons you can access to make your Online Pop-Up more attractive, interactive and adapt it to your concept.  Last April, right after half of the world was in lockdown, we launched a new product: Online Pop-Ups.  A dedicated platform where any brand can launch a live event and create a Livestream Shopping experience.   We have been working hard to make our Online Pop-Ups more customisable to each brands’ needs, and with the Premium Services, we believe the events can become more interactive and appealing to your public. //JUMP ONTO THE DIGITAL INNOVATION Navigate through our options and choose what adapts

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