How to get ready for the peak season with a pop-up store

Every year, September is the month when retailers start to get ready for the Holiday Season. It starts on Black Friday and lasts until after Christmas sales. It is a tough period to manage demand to ensure good income, but this year forecasting says it is going to be exceptional. So, we want to discuss how to be prepared, with a pop-up, for a peak season like no other.


//Why is this year different?

This year customers will shift to online, where the majority of demand will be. The trend of consumers migrating to e-commerce started during confinement, and has maintained its rhythm despite the reopening of the stores. Some consumers remain wary of setting foot in stores. In some cases, due to the restriction the buying experience is not so delightful like in the past. 

As we approach the peak season, the online purchase is predicted to reach never-seen levels, and retailers must prepare for it because it requires changing the way of working used until now.

The predicted upcoming peak represents a big opportunity to recover the loss occurred over the last months. However, it takes rethinking the way customers experience their shopping.

Pop-ups can come in handy in several ways than the standard store. Let’s check it out! 


//Phygital Pop-Up Store

Although consumers are increasingly using e-commerce, due to the restrictions but also because they have learnt to appreciate the convenience of home delivery, they still like to touch products and ask questions. Especially if they are buying a product for the first time. 

A blended pop-up might be what you need: a store where you showcase your product but the purchase is finalized through your app, and the products are shipped home. 

This solution can help you to manage occupancy in-store. The time spent purchasing can be reduced as the final steps are carried out online. And finally, consumers can see the product they want to purchase, reducing the return because the product was not as expected. 

Phygital pop-ups are not new to retailers, read what Amazon and Zara have already done and get inspired!



//Curbside Pick-Up Pop-Up

The new rules of engagement imposed the physics distancing obligation have obliged stores to reduce the number of consumers admitted in-store at the same time. In one case it has challenged the day-to-day store operations, to the point that some retailers have transformed their stores into distribution centers where consumers go to pick-up the order they have purchased online. 

A pop-up can support the peak of online shopping, supporting distribution and delivery, while giving an option to those customers that might not yet be acquainted with home delivery and prefer to have their product shortly after buying.

Need some inspiration? Look at the big brands offering this type of service.



//Classic Pop-Up Store

The Holiday season has always been a good period to offer to your consumers new and alternative purchasing experiences. A pop-up in a prime location focused on the holiday season sales is a way to attract customers to come back to visit you physically. The experience is key so be sure you organize the entrance (by online appointment for instance), and the arrival (by offering entertainment during the waiting time outside the pop-up). 

We have for you a prime location in one of the best cities when it comes to Holiday season shopping: Barcelona.


These  are three solutions to be prepared for a peak season like no other with a pop-up: we can help you launch any of these pop-up versions. If you have any other idea, we are happy to hear it and help it to make it a reality!




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