Go— PopUp joins Lanzadera program for the next 9 months!

Lanzadera is business accelerator project based in Valencia (Spain) together with EDEM School of Entrepreneurship and the investment society Angels, it is a project wanted by Juan Roig the CEO and President of Mercadona Group, main retailer in Spain with a turnover of more than 23.000 millions of euros and with 25% of shared market. 

Lanzadera started with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs to create a solid business model, to bring value through productive work, effort and leadership. 

The project has recently taken under its wing 40 new innovating companies working in different fields and starting the 3 programs they offer: acceleration, incubation and corporate. 

Go— PopUp is one of the 15 new teams selected to participate to the acceleration program: 9 months during which Lanzadera will offer tailored advice to help us to grow and consolidate even more Go— PopUp’s project.

We are thrilled for this opportunity and after 5 years on the market and being the main agency to provide tailored solutions for any type of pop-up, we believe this chance comes at the right moment to help us grow further and consolidate our company,  to have more solutions for our customers, through the application of new technologies and opening new markets.

Our CEO David Perez summarises this achievement:” It is an honour and a passionate challenge to connect with the Lanzadera community, from where we can strengthen our international growth with new solutions”. 

For the following months, we will be involved in workshops and activities, stay tuned as we will share more from our brand new office in Valencia! If you want to know more about our endeavours get in contact with us!



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