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May 2020

In trends, we call unexpected events, such as the pandemic, an activator. A disruption that accelerates or puts the focus on topics that were already on the spotlight and some changes show how COVID-19 draws attention to sustainability.  Sustainability is not a new concept, nor in retail nor in other industries. Over time changes in ethics and societal beliefs have pushed the topic of sustainability to become part of the best practices of each brand or sectors.  Sustainability has a large meaning and a recent study, by Dr Paul Bain,  has shown that people understand it in four different ways. Generally speaking,

As Governments slowly grant more freedom of movement and allow industries, sector by sector, to open to their public, big or small companies face the same tough question: how to return to your physical store? We, at Go–PopUp, are facing the same dilemma: how can we allow our employees to go back to the office while ensuring the safety measures imposed by the social distancing? Not everything can be as before; several aspects need to be taken into consideration, both operational and behavioural. Where probably the latter is the most difficult to control. //New normality We know that a new normal is settling

We are happy to share with you that Go–PopUp signed a commercial agreement with The Hood.    //About The Hood The Hood, located in Lisbon (Portugal), defines itself as “the anti-mall.” It promotes an innovative concept aimed at a public moved by the desire of sharing ideas, art, and experiences- creating a feeling of neighborhood and community.  What stands out about this compact is that artistic, creative, and playful components coexist on an equal footing with the commercial segment. The center offers a selected mix of leisure, culture, food, and retail, for everyone looking for new trends.  // The agreement Go–PopUp is always focused on finding

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