Beauty Online Pop-Up with the brand Mary-Kay

A beauty online pop-up: the Mary Kay case

The last 7th of May, Patricia de Esteban launched an online beauty pop-up with the brand Mary Kay.

It was a success, not only because the beauty sector is a driving industry of the wider wellness sector, but above all because of the professionalism and kindness of Patricia.

I sat with Patricia to understand more how the experience of using our digital platform was and which positive outlet she has had, so far.


Patricia revealed that, due to habit and the specificity of her sector, she used to work in a more face to face basis.  But of course, things changed and rapidly and she had to lose all the fears and try something new.

She came across Go–PopUp’s platform and decided to try to launch her first Online Pop-Up, focus on tips on how to treat your skin to have it bright and healthy, just like Patricia’s. With the help of Susana Almonacid, Patricia set up the pop-up and it was a success. The part that Patricia liked the most about the experience, it was that she felt guided throughout the whole process. From setting up the Online Pop-Up to after the event, she could count on Susana’s support.

Patricia de Esteban, Mary Kay

Patricia de Esteban, Mary Kay


If you are not so acquainted with technological solutions, don’t hesitate to choose Go–PopUp to launch your online pop-up as they will support and pamper you from the beginning to the end.

-Patricia de Esteban, Mary Kay


Patricia pointed out three clear benefits of having an Online Pop-Up:

  1. New customers: through her pop-up, Patricia was able to reach customers that signed up to the event via our platform. In a standard setting, she would be counting mainly on the word-of-mouth.
  2. Wider reach of people: when launching an online pop-up, you can reach people out of your physical-geographical reach.
  3. A higher number of participants: through a physical event, you are always bound to the maximum capacity of the place where you are hosting the event. Through our Online Pop-Up, you can have a big number of participants, simultaneously.

If you want to see Patricia’s session, you can register yourself and follow the beauty session here; she gives several beauty tips!



Following the online beauty pop-up with the brand Mary Kay, Patricia wants already to organize another pop-up about face yoga. Yes, you read it well, face yoga is a thing and can help you to have a more symmetric face and look a bit younger! So, if you want to keep yourself updated about the up and coming pop-ups visit out Online Pop-Up Shopping Center.

If you are interested in launching your own pop-up, physical or digital, you can always contact us, we will pamper you regardless:

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