Painting the Future of Pop-Up Retail with David Berdala in the Hidden Factory Space in Barcelona

Let’s start with a look back in history, we would like to give you a little inside on what happened during our last team event in Barcelona. We came together as a team to reflect on and paint the future of the business we are in— pop-up store retail and experiential marketing.


Reflecting on ourselves and about our company

Our Go— PopUp story started in 2013 literally with a blank canvas and the idea of a painting. We wanted to change the way retail and real estate industry functions, by opening the gates for new ideas and concepts to empower both businesses to become great. After thousands of pop-up stores launched worldwide during the past years, we can truly say that we’ve rewired retail spaces and changed retail forever by taking the concept of a pop-up store out of the niche, making it scalable and available for every brand in the world.

While empowering those brands, agencies and creatives to find perfectly matching spaces and launch pop-up stores everywhere in the world, we are coming closer to the vision of the picture we had in mind many years ago — Becoming the leader for short-term space and making pop-up retail accessible to anyone. All this would not be possible without growing an international Dream Team of real estate experts in retail, pop-up store consultants and experiential marketing geniuses. We truly want to say thank you for being part of our Go— PopUp family! You are the colour on each day that has been helping us to complete the painting, a painting that probably won’t’ ever be finished as our journey continues and continues.


Team Experiences at the Hidden Factory and David Berdala

How to translate this story into a painting? Simply by letting part of our team paint the picture with the guidance of the famous painter David Berdala in a 200 square meter space in an old copper factory in the heart of Raval (Barcelona) converted into a creative studio specialized in gastronomy and pop-up event space.

The location for a team experience is absolutely gorgeous. Upstairs there is an open kitchen, attached to an area for smaller, more intimate events. Downstairs there is a larger space wonderfully bohemian, with a creaky wooden floor and comfortable sofas, allowing your creativity to flow. The whole space is a project of well-known chef Xavier Morón, trained in Michelin Stars establishments, where he cultivated his passion for food and now offers guests his own interpretation of Catalan and Spanish cuisine.

Daniel Berdala utilizes his talent as an art consultant, he works with teams, companies and brands doing team buildings with an artistic vision. He is dedicated to helping participants reflect on how to manage emotions, finding a creative vision in the day-to-day work and for teams like us, to establish a better relationship among teammates. He uses painting to express all ideas that are not easy to express, improving work environments, both individually and collectively —  in our case, he helped us to paint the future of pop-up retail.


Interested in your own team event?

If you’re interested in Daniels Berdala team-building courses or in the venue to create your own pop-up event, get in touch with our experts.



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