How to prepare for “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”? Start planning your Pop-Up Store now!

Some context on how Black Friday has become a frenzied day for shopping also in Europe and why the Holiday season is an important period to plan a pop-up store. 

Right now, temperatures outside are breaking records, in Europe, only last week there was a heatwave, so it is very difficult thinking about Christmas when the only thing we have in mind is our upcoming summer vacation.  

However, we have roughly 4 months to go to the “Most wonderful time of the year” and if you work in retail you know the Holiday Season is for most brands and sectors one of the busiest periods of the year. So, why don’t you start thinking ahead and plan your next pop-up store now?


Do we need to convince you to have your pop-up in this period of the year? Lean back and read!

With globalisation the Holiday Season has become a long stretch of retail happenings: 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, originally from North America, have become 2 important days to do shopping, also in Europe and in other countries around the world, add to that Christmas and 3 Kings in Spain and Italy as well as most of Latin American countries, followed by the sales period starting in January: the results is about 2 months and a half of some intense shopping activities! 

Another driver, to hunt for presents or spend more in hospitality, is a higher purchasing power due to Christmas or end of the year bonuses, double checks or benefits typical of the Holidays seasons in many countries across the world.

So, let’s do the math: even if Thanksgiving is a normal working day here in Europe, as soon as the dark hits, the shopping frenzy starts. According to McKinsey & Company only in the UK, amidst Brexit worries, participation increased 37% from 2015 to 2017 while in Germany the jump was 43%. In Italy sales of consumers tech good went up 182% compared to a normal week. Overall in Europe, the Black Friday Sales, that determines the start of the Holiday Season, has picked up!


Some back history about Black Friday

Black Friday was invented in the 1960s in the USA by those retailers that wanted to increase their revenue. The name refers to the Christmas season that marks the point when retailers generally reach profitability for the year, and bookkeepers enter positive revenue and return into ledgers in black numbers (as losses are recorded in red). Since Black Friday was introduced in Europe, to copy the same successful model of retailers in the USA, has skyrocketed becoming an established business practice. 



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Amazon, a Seattle based company, has been one of the companies promoting and pushing this model in the Old Continent. Indeed last November, to celebrate this special date, Amazon offered to its customers a unique experience by opening a pop-up store in London called “The Home of Black Friday” with the dedicated hashtag #HomeOfBlackFriday and keeping it opened 24 hours during Black Friday itself.

The event was centred around Black Friday deals, customers could browse the store, touch the products and purchase using the Amazon app.  While getting everything delivered at home; integrating the digital with the physical world and providing a hands-on and unique experience.

If you are an online company the Holiday season might be your moment to shine offline, a pop-up store is a perfect scenario to try out a physical store riding the high of the shopping season that starts with Black Friday.

If you already have a physical store, fear not! A pop-up store dedicated to one of the themes of the Holiday season might just be what you need to increase sales and to connect to micro-segments of your customers.

Whatever your situation is get in contact with us! We are a  team dedicated to finding the best solutions to help brands that want to Go— PopUp, we can provide all the know-how you need to succeed during “The most wonderful time of the year”!




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