Keys of Experiential Marketing, unexpected scenarios for a Pop-Up Event: a wheat field

Keys of Experiential Marketing, unexpected scenarios for a Pop-Up Event: A wheat field.


Usually, when thinking about a pop-up store, restaurant or event, the tendency is to associate it with a physical location such as a store, a warehouse or a container; but what if nature were to be the setting to hold an unforgettable pop-up experience?

This is exactly what Fast Forward Event, the creative agency behind the project, must have thought when organizing this event. For the brand Come a casa, specialized in Italian products such as pasta, the creative team had the idea to use a field of wheat as a location for a pop-up restaurant. The perfect excuse to launch a new product — the lasagna.

The pop-up restaurant took place in the outskirts of the town of Wolvertem (Brabant, Belgium) could not have had better name, Ristorante Il Grano (Wheat Restaurant); the event was promoted through Facebook and opened for 2 weekends,  guests could make the reservation through a web-page created for the event and hoped to be the lucky chosen. The teasing film circulating social media triggered that fear of missing out so typical of our times and so felt by the Millennials. Indeed 18.308 people showed interest in having dinner at Il Ristorante del Grano, but only 465 people were chosen to participate and enjoy the 5 course menu proposed by Come a casa.

This event was so well conceptualized that won the European Best Event Awards given to Fast Forward Event as a recognition of their out of the ordinary work. 


What can we learn from this unique Pop-up Restaurant? 


Do not be afraid, when it comes to choosing the location, to make bold choices, above all if the location, like in this case, has a strong connection with the product, service or the message you want to convey.


It is very important to build up the right amount of expectation, this will create traffic on social media and press attention, and if the location is so spectacular such as this one, the picture taken by the participants together with a hashtag will resonate the event even time to come after the event itself. 


Consumers nowadays want to be surprised and entrained, they have very busy lives but they are willing to pay with their precious time in order to have an experience out of the ordinary. All of us have been to incredible restaurants but how many can tell they have been to a restaurant in the middle of a wheat field, around sunset, served 5 course meals just like in a fancy restaurant? Very few of us.


If you want to create a memorable event out of the ordinary, get in contact with us we can help you to find the most original location and organize the perfect event so your customers will fear of missing out. 



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