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December 2019

"We know that time passes constantly and that there is no one day when everything suddenly changes, but humans need milestones to recapitulate and make plans. We are at that moment. The truth is that we have been preparing throughout 2019 for major changes in 2020, including new products and services, and continue to grow geographically. Among these challenges, there is a special focus on what we can offer to the owners and managers of the spaces and very soon we will announce a new specific line of business for this. We want to help owners more and more profitably improve

While it is evident that pop-ups are on the rise when it comes to the retail sector, they are entering new territories. If there is one trend, I think we will bring along to next year, and it is going to grow along 2020: it is using pop-ups as a recruiting strategy. I already mentioned this scenario when talking about the trends to watch during 2019, and to confirm this, just a couple of weeks ago, we successfully powered, together with The Gardeners a creative agency, a recruitment pop-up for Arkin. A mental health organization expert in psychiatry and addiction care operating

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