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March 2020

Over the last month, we have experienced a sudden change in our routine. Confinement and social distancing have caused the disruption of social life, and events, such as pop-ups, have been canceled and postponed. We now have time to think about what to do in the future, so we are launching a “Canvas Consulting Service”, our latest product. The crisis brought by COVID-19 is coming as a great reset of how we carry out our society and our ways of living, so we decided to launch a service that will support you to be prepared for the future.  Some time ago, we

Our Go—PopUp team is working from home. We believe that despite the confinement, it's time to stay together, now more than ever! These are challenging times, but we believe that every crisis corresponds to an opportunity. We are seeing many exciting examples of how quarantine is strengthening communities. In Italy, we have seen people singing together and keeping each other company from their balconies. In Seville (Spain), we have seen a young coach sporting with kids, each one from the balconies of their homes. Many neighbours have created Whatsapp chats to help each other with regular chores, such as buying food

Sustainability is a mega-trend forcing companies to change their way of producing, to lower the impact they might have on the environment. It is also forcing companies to take further measures which are essential for their customers. Today, consumers are extremely informed and are prepared to judge hard if they believe that a company has not jumped yet on the sustainability wave. We give you 3 sustainable actions for a more ecological pop-up store. According to the research company JWT Intelligence, 92% of consumers want to live more sustainably. And the most exciting fact is that they are willing to pay

CultureHouse, a non-profit organization of Boston (USA), connected the dots and launched a series of public spaces as pop-up events using vacant stores.   Cities are organic and change constantly. It is quite natural, societies change and cities are just a reflection of what are the new needs and desires of those societies. Public spaces have always been a crucial reality of any society. Politics, in ancient Greece, was born in the very core of the function of the public space. Nowadays, however, public spaces such as squares and parks can be challenging when it comes to using this space for the

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