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May 2019

We’re delighted to announce our participation at Retail and Brand Experience World Congress held in Barcelona from 27th to 29th May 2019. We’re also selected as a finalist for the R&B NEXT! Awards, which will be held as part of the event.   Arrange your personal meeting   What is it about? As part of the next wave of innovation in retail and brand experience, you can meet us at our booth and discuss with us the right solutions for your brands pop-up store, live communication event and experiential marketing campaign - discover where and how to start moving towards the future of retail with

Our experts have set up the top tricks to make your pop-up event hard to pass by. Learn what’s essential to make your pop-up store recognizable in front of the perfect audience.   Choose a bold concept The topic of your pop-up store is the place where everything else will come out from. Once you defined it, the rest of the steps that are taken afterward will rely on it almost completely. Let this be a concept that is innovative, exciting and that allows for customer engagement, where everyone leaves it with an urge to keep track of what your brand is

Our studio space was packed with everyone having an incredible time while having a drink, listening to live music and looking through artists and brands. The pop-up event opened its doors at 12:00 on May 4th, letting the first visitors in to get the first peeks of the gallery and marketplace in our office studio in Carrer de Pamplona 88.     At 16:00 the very anticipated Aleix Gordo Hostau from Goho Studio started working on the Live art performance, which kept everyone interest throughout the whole process till it was finished five our later! An incredible art piece called “Dale Caña

Take a look into 8 creative pop-up store ideas: the best temporary concepts of all time. 8. Adidas’ EQT Gaming Room Located in Barcelona, the two-day-pop-up store featured the brand’s top designs and game machines for visitors to enjoy. Clients saw the latest on Adidas’ innovation and took part in the fun and exclusive features only found in this shop. 7. Ikea’s Pop-Up Stores for its 20th anniversary in Spain For a week, Ikea hold a satisfying experience with a two-floors pop-up store in Madrid and Barcelona! Exclusive products paid tribute to the Swedish tradition and carried a sort of nostalgia feeling. The event also

We have teamed up with Adictik and Poblenou Urban District to host an Open Pop-Up Gallery and Market for the Poblenou Open Day the 4th of May. In collaboration with local artists such as Ewelina Więcław, Aleix Gordo Hostau (Goho Studio), Ceci Montobbio, Gemma Canal, Paula Valera, Juan Manuel Hincapié, Marina Romero and Daniel Berdala, we are filling our brand new office studio space next to the Razzmatazz with art, photography, music and brand culture in a unique experiential pop-up format — only for one day.   Enjoy for the whole day the art and work of our featured artists, illustrators and

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