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February 2021

As a concept, a pop-up store was around for a while, but a current COVID-19 crisis made it a viable retail option for multiple reasons. Since we're living in uncertain times, leasing a business space long-term brings enormous risks, making business owners turning to short term lease options. With pop-up stores, you can rent a business location for a short time, enabling you to change locations often, reduce costs, and experiment with different approaches and strategies.  Either you're testing a new product line, building brand awareness, or just trying out the new location, opening a pop-up store might be the best

Last weekend, we launched our latest Success Story in Madrid (Spain): a pop-up about 3D printing and creation. // The brand Artenea 3D is a startup dedicated to 3D printing and design services, 3D modelling for individuals and companies.They also offer package courses (group or individual) and medium courses, both for companies and individuals. The courses are adapted to children, adults, and even schools. 3D printing is a technology that has become a reality for some years now. But it is not yet part of our daily lives. In the not too distant future, this will be very different. Probably, we will all

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