Go–PopUp supports sustainable fashion in Vienna

Many small retail businesses are now entering the market with a clear, meaningful vision: define a sustainable way of wearing, creating a positive impact in the fashion world. 

Being eco-conscious about what you wear is now becoming important especially for new generations. Have you noticed it? Collections made of unique materials and advanced sustainable fabrics are hitting the catwalks and fashion shows. And it’s attracting designers’ interest and people’s attention. 

SHOHEI is one of those small businesses riding the waves of this trend. Founded by Lisa Pek and name giver Shohei Yamamoto in 2016, the brand creates women and menswear collections by fusing unique material experiences and patterns. They adopt exclusively advanced and sustainable fabrics such as TENCEL, which is derived from sustainable wood. 

The fashion brand settled in Vienna, Austria. Lisa Pek, creative mind, had already worked in Japan for two years, which explains the Japanese minimalistic aesthetics of SHOHEI collections. She developed a European interpretation of Japanese style, mixing tradition and tech.

SHOHEI, which means “world peace” in Japanese, is now launching a pop-up store in Vienna. The goal is to showcase its best collections and raising awareness about the importance of being eco-conscious in the fashion industry. The venue, a premium space powered by the Go—PopUp team, is an enchanting hidden backyard of the Viennese 6th district, nearby Museums Quartier.

As a team, we’re excited to have supported this promising brand during the pop-up scouting, offering consultancy and advice also for – spoiler alert! – future locations and pop-up actions.

And if you happen to be in Vienna on October 30 and 31, you can check the SHOHEI Secret Shopping Event by yourself. New styles, heavy sales and a great opportunity to blend with the fashion viennese scenario, taking a little step forward to a more sustainable world. 

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