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October 2021

Many small retail businesses are now entering the market with a clear, meaningful vision: define a sustainable way of wearing, creating a positive impact in the fashion world.  Being eco-conscious about what you wear is now becoming important especially for new generations. Have you noticed it? Collections made of unique materials and advanced sustainable fabrics are hitting the catwalks and fashion shows. And it's attracting designers’ interest and people's attention.  SHOHEI is one of those small businesses riding the waves of this trend. Founded by Lisa Pek and name giver Shohei Yamamoto in 2016, the brand creates women and menswear collections by

Pop-up projects can be fun. Yet, it doesn’t mean they are easy to organise. The key to success often lies in the tiniest details, especially when you’re thinking about breaking into new markets with complex pop-up projects.  That’s what we have confirmed while working closely with SmileDirectClub, a teledentistry company from Tennessee (US). Despite being digital native, the company is now trying to connect physically with audiences also in European countries. And pop-up stores happened to be the smartest solution to address the company’s needs.  Based on our experience, here’s 5 tips to keep in mind if you’re about to manage an

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