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December 2021

Go—PopUp first location scouting in Ireland has led to a great partnership with Greens Are Good For You and we can't be more excited. The brand is an Irish female-led business. It aims to reducing waste, allowing women to wear colourful items in a sustainable, affordable way. Through their website, you can rent fashion clothes delivered straight at your door and then return them back. The shared wardrobe is their starting point to enter the circular fashion economy. And they loved the idea of bringing other sustainable fashion brands together, so people can shop in just one place. Everything in

Did you know you can earn money from renting outdoor spaces? You may own an apartment, or even a building. But you could also own the external facade, the parking lots or internal gardens. Do not fear thinking about earning money from those too. People love peculiar venues to launch spectacular marketing actions, so… the sky's the limit!  1# Shopping Malls External Areas Among all the possible outdoors spaces, external areas of shopping mall centers are very much demanded. Brands can use their creativity and disclose their marketing strategies through pop-up events, but also leverage on the peculiarity and the position of

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