Go—PopUp first pop-up store in Ireland helps female-led fashion businesses

Go—PopUp first location scouting in Ireland has led to a great partnership with Greens Are Good For You and we can’t be more excited.

The brand is an Irish female-led business. It aims to reducing waste, allowing women to wear colourful items in a sustainable, affordable way. Through their website, you can rent fashion clothes delivered straight at your door and then return them back. The shared wardrobe is their starting point to enter the circular fashion economy. And they loved the idea of bringing other sustainable fashion brands together, so people can shop in just one place.

Everything in just one place

The perfect location to launch the Gifted by Greens pop-up store happened to be at 32, Exchequer Street in Dublin. The Go—PopUp team scouted this space also for its remarkable position. Exchequer Street is a busy pedestrian located in an exciting surrounding area with many retail and food & beverage occupiers. This ensures high and constant footfall.

The chosen property of 65.31 sqm (703 sqft) has a small storage area to the rear with staff toilet and store room. Once the pop-up store has been set up, it definitely turned into a lovely spot. The shiny colours and products of every brand involved have made the rest.

Indeed, inside you will enjoy a wide range of items from other 14 sustainable brands. You’ll find names such as Gabsluk, Reverie, Cliodhna, Style Ignite Studio, To Dye for Joanna, CME Candles and more. The perfect place to come up with outstanding Christmas gifts for your female loved ones.

Pop into the future of retail

Small emerging businesses like these may have hard times entering the market. That’s why a pop-up action is very often included in countless go-to-market strategies. Pop-up shops are flexible solutions, with low investment. And nowadays the demand for short-rentals from both landlords and tenants is growing steadily.

The Gifted By Greens Are Good for You pop-up store will last during the whole month of December. If you love the idea, come by. Or, if you would love to do something similar, get in touch with our team.

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