SmileDirectClub: from online to physical

Go–PopUp’s latest Success Story is SmileDirectClub Pop-Up: from online to physical touchpoints. SmileDirectClub was founded in 2014 as a teledentistry company in Nashville, Tennessee (USA). At the moment works in more than 14 states across continents: North America, Europe and Asia.


SmileDirectClub is a digitally native company. It is pretty typical that companies born first in the online world decide at a certain point to connect to the end consumers, above all when the product is innovative. 

The physical pop-up in Barcelona (Spain) gave SmileDirectClub the possibility to meet face to face customers, explain the product and answer any doubt.

Spaces in Barcelona

For the occasion, they chose a very central venue and adapted it to their brand identity: the result was stunning, look for yourself! 

Before and After.


Our venues are versatile! So, look at the before/after picture. You can see the store transformation: 

         -the purpose of the pop-up, 

         -the brand identity.

Would you like to do like SmileDirectClub Pop-Up: from digital to physical? We can support your next project, contact us!

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