Europe in Focus | The Boom of Filming and Productions Driving the Search for Unique Spaces.

In the digital age, the insatiable demand for content has unleashed a true revolution in the entertainment industry.

Europe, with its rich history and varied landscapes, has become the epicenter of an unprecedented cinematic boom. Both foreign and domestic production companies have found multiple European locations as the perfect canvas to bring their stories to life.

This creative frenzy has brought about intense competition with a significant increase in the number of productions and film shoots. Simultaneously, it presents a logistical challenge: the need to find perfect spaces to carry out these ambitious productions, generating an unprecedented demand for authentic and unique backdrops.

Examples of this include some of the productions highlighted below:


The acclaimed series “Lupin” is a brilliant example of how the careful choice of spaces can enhance a narrative. Filmed in places like an antique shop steeped in history, cafes, gardens, shops, and iconic locations such as the Louvre Museum. It perfectly showcases how the series leverages the visual richness of these places to immerse viewers in a plot of intrigue and mystery.


The successful series “The Crown” has taken viewers to the majestic halls of the White House and the most intimate corners of Buckingham Palace. These castles and palaces take center stage in the fifth season of the Netflix series alongside some locations in Malaga and Barcelona. The precise choice of iconic locations has been essential to recreate the majesty and intimacy of the British royalty.


The global phenomenon “La Casa de Papel” has guided viewers through various locations such as Finca El Gasco, isolated from the city’s hustle, as well as a journey through the streets of Madrid and featuring iconic places like the Royal Mint. The choice of these spaces has undoubtedly been decisive in creating the intense and exciting atmosphere that is characteristic of the Spanish series.

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