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December 2023

From a company dinner to a product launch, Christmas gathering, workshop, film shooting, pop-up store for your brand—celebrating, sharing, and making yourself known will always be a surefire and necessary success. Through pop-up actions, premium scouting, and space rental, you can turn all your projects into reality. We are facing the most important time of the year, making it one of the seasons with the highest demand for promotions and actions to showcase our product or service. For that reason, finding the perfect place is usually one of the main tasks and even one of the most difficult due to the

In the digital age, the insatiable demand for content has unleashed a true revolution in the entertainment industry. Europe, with its rich history and varied landscapes, has become the epicenter of an unprecedented cinematic boom. Both foreign and domestic production companies have found multiple European locations as the perfect canvas to bring their stories to life. This creative frenzy has brought about intense competition with a significant increase in the number of productions and film shoots. Simultaneously, it presents a logistical challenge: the need to find perfect spaces to carry out these ambitious productions, generating an unprecedented demand for authentic and unique

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