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November 2021

Érase una vez, un contenedor itinerante de 30 m2 que se propuso llegar a cualquier lugar de la península a través de un roadshow por 47 ciudades en España, Portugal y Andorra. Un comienzo fascinante, ¿no? ¡Te contamos más acerca de nuestra inspiradora aventura con Simon! Simon, líder de cabecera para soluciones tecnológicas de iluminación y conectividad, ha apostado por una ruta experiencial e inmersiva. ¿El objetivo? Dar a conocer su nueva línea de producto en toda la peninsula. La linea se llama Simon 270, y de aquí el nombre, #RoadShow270. Se ha tratado de todo un reto. Organizar un roadshow

We're sure that if you know what Riot Games is, then you probably are excited about Arcane being released by Netflix. Time to spoiler it: a pop-up store for League of Legends lovers has been launched in Madrid! But first, let everyone get acquainted on what we’re talking about: Riot Games is the famous game developer and publisher of League of Legends game. And Arcane is the League of Legends inspired Netflix animated series that has just been released, with an epic promotional campaign taking place all around the world.  The epic promotional campaign Imagine great things. The first episode of the series

Oh yes, another year has almost gone by. While pop-up stores keep on gaining popularity as an incredibly powerful marketing strategy for retail brands, it’s now time to forecast which are the top 5 most innovative trends for pop-up stores in 2022. Grab your notepad and pamper yourself with some inspiration. Authentic Influencer Marketing Being an influencer has always been about becoming an icon of beauty trough perfect selfies. However, audiences are now looking for more quality content. And videos are definitely the most popular format to do that, thanks to the rise of Tik Tok, IGTV or Instagram Reels.  Influencers are

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