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June 2022

Conscious food choices such as vegetarian and vegan meals are fueling not only the lives of millions, but also the food and hospitality sectors. Today, we’re going to explore three recent examples of food companies that have successfully invested in pop-up restaurants. It’s growing faster than you think The conscious trend of plant-based food sales grew in 2020 two times faster than overall food sales. And the most exciting part is that it is expected to keep a steady growth rate of 12,95% over 2021-2028. Companies and restaurants are offering more products that can be delish and healthy without harming the

When starting a project for your next pop-up, consider these 5 inspirational ideas for stand designs. Why is design important? To attract the best crowd! Whether you're at an exhibition or in the middle of a square, a catchy stand is both the first visual message you send to your customers and the highest expression of your ephemeral action. Sometimes, design is just everything, especially if you are in the business of design itself or home decor.  By standing out you will drive traffic to your booth, retain it and offer some special entertainment features. Depending on your goals and

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