5 Things To Avoid When Planning A Pop-Up Store For Your Client

Pop-up stores are physical stores located in strategic locations on a temporary basis, i. e. they are ephemeral. They last between a few hours and a few months, usually no more than three. Ephemeral shops serve to open up the market, test new situations, present a specific product and build brand loyalty.


The pop-up format allows you to carry out projects or businesses without running traditional risks and with limited resources. Since it is not permanent, you can try and repeat it if they work well. To get your pop-up store up and running successfully you need a plan, keep in mind some things and don’t jump into the pool like crazy. So in this guide we tell you the most common mistakes when planning a pop-up:

1- Not everything is a prime localization

Being true that the pop-up format allows brands to be located in locations of difficult access, at a lower price and greater flexibility, think that a prime localization is the priority of a brand that wants to open a pop-up store is an error. Localization is a key factor in the process of opening an ephemeral store, but prior to that step a market study must be made to know exactly where our target audience is located, so the target must be previously well defined. In our experience as experts in pop-up locations, we have often come across this thought. A brand can be located on the outskirts of the city, or less centrally located areas, and the pop-up is a success. A pop-up is a marketing action, so we must know our target and know where it is moving to be able to impact it successfully.

2- Seeing it as an isolated action

A pop-up has to be considered as an action within the customer’s marketing plan. The pop-up format is a powerful marketing and communication tool that must be linked to the brand, it is not a punctual project. The most common mistake in this respect is to see pop-up opening as a fashion, isolated from both the brand’s overall objectives and its budget.

3- Expecting to set up a pop-up from one day to another

Like any action proposed in a marketing plan requires clear planning and strategy, as well as clear and realistic timings. Having said that, the search for the perfect space requires a time of selection and verification to make sure that the client finds the space that best suits all their needs. This process, therefore, requires your time, and it is not advisable to carry it out impulsively.

4- Sales-based budgeting

It is important to establish a clear objective before setting up a pop-up, but it is important to bear in mind that this type of format has experiential connotations that are not limited to sales. It is a common approach, to plan the target and budget based on the sales expected to be made in the limited time that the pop-up lasts. This approach can lead to error, as it is not advisable to set up a pop-up shop with the sole aim of increasing sales. The attraction of ephemeral experiences should pose under objectives that advocate a unique brand experience with the client. In some cases, the budget proposed may be higher than expected sales, but to increase the notoriety and linkage of the client with the brand.

5- Underestimate the power of expectation

You already have the idea, space and everything assembled. Make social networks your allies and maintain a style of communication in keeping with the creative idea: flyers, shop, photos, etc. must breathe the same spirit. Now you’re wondering, how do I get those who visit my store to take a photo and post it on Instagram and hopefully write about my pop-up? People want to know what’s in fashion, what’s new, what’s fresh, just like a journalist would. If you can give them that message, you’re ready to catch your next follower. Another great way to keep the public interest is to involve them in the process of building and creating your pop-up store, by publishing photos that show the period prior to opening it. In Go—PopUp we are always happy to give support, with the communication and diffusion of a pop-up or event. Do not hesitate to give us all the information you consider to join forces and make it a success!



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