How to find the perfect location as an agency for your clients pop-up store

Emotions and happiness are feelings with expiration dates. Boosting original ideas that make you jump on the street and react. Impact you and surprise you is more than a marketing strategy. Successful brands are those that manage to import people. A pop-up is more than a creative exercise! They are authentic scientific actions that communicate a brand story directly with consumers. Infinite possibilities that add value to the brand that goes beyond the celebration of the event.


Find the way to your customer’s heart

In a world where the large amount of information available in a multitude of devices creates a state of continuous partial attention, brands must seek their “reason why” to communicate in an authentic, credible and meaningful way. A pop-up store is fun and entertaining and represents the perfect opportunity to record patterns of consumer behavior and buying from a great deal of curiosity.


A Pop-Up Store is always a good idea


Pop-up stores are a splendid way of testing a market without having to commit to large investments. As the business grows, it can be valued assertively for these pop up to become permanent trades.


Location, location and location


No space, no pop-up store, and no pop-up store, no project. So the starting point to start with the organization and management of an ephemeral store is to find THE SPACE. It must be THE space, so, with capital letters, because it’s not worth anything.


Avoid the common


The choice of location can make the difference between success and failure of a pop-up store. While pioneer brands such as Comme des Garçons and Nike showed up at venues like closed production sites or deserted backyards, today, there is a tendency to appear at the ever same inner-city locations and places. This can be a terrible mistake in some cases, because the more unique your location is, the more will appeal to the opinion leaders and trendsetters, thereby promoting the wow moment.


Know your target


Each brand has its target, and this target is located in an area, in a neighborhood, in streets where the percentage of passers-by is the most appropriate for the brand. Prioritize the brand objectives and list some features that the pop-up store should have: Would the client be interested in being located near public transport? Do they want to give it an underground touch? Is it essential that this is an outside area? The space must have natural light?


How we can help you


With Go—PopUp we have the best resources and all the talent to make brands relevant, we help find the best spaces for campaigns that are not only original in their conception, but also effective in achieving social and business impact thanks to a strong strategic component.

We create the best tandem working with the best agencies nationally and internationally and therefore we are the partner for locating spaces of the most beloved and important brands in the world.


Diana Jiménez

Agencies Success Manager

“We love challenges, tell us your proposal, and we will find a space to make your idea come true!”

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