How-To Guide: Legal aspects of Go–PopUp

Invoices, licenses, insurance … Do they have to be a headache? At Go—PopUp we make it easy and we tell you all about the legal aspects of our platform to have it under control. Clear and simple!

We will treat legal issues such as invoices, licenses, and implicit insurance when performing a transaction on Go—PopUp. In the next tips, we will deepen in detail each one of these topics to solve all your doubts and that your experience as owners of our platform is the best.

Ready? Take pen and paper, and do not hesitate to pass on your doubts or suggestions. We want to hear from you!



The insurances offered by Go—PopUp to its clients are:


Liability insurance for owners

When the reservation is generated by Go—PopUp, this insurance is included in the cost of management and covers the owners of damages that may suffer the tenants within their space. An added value that brings peace!

Remember, in the modalities of Management Under Petition and Unified Management this insurance is optional.

Multi-risk insurance for tenants

In addition to insurance contracted directly through the web, Go—PopUp facilitates the contracting of this optional and additional insurance with the support of the Customer Service. It covers the renter of damages and losses on materials used while developing his activity at the owner’s premises during a pop-up or act performed.



As we have been able to verify thanks to the feedback you provide us, billing is a relevant topic to deal with. That is what this section of the blog is for! In a simple and simplified way, the process of billing an activity related to Go—PopUp would consist of three phases:

  1. First, Go—PopUp issues and sends an invoice to the User for “User Management” expenses (5% of the amount of the assignment), disaggregating the VAT, plus the amount of the assignment of the space as supplied without disaggregating the VAT.
  2. Then, the Owner of the space issues an invoice to the User for the amount of the space assignment, disaggregating the VAT. This invoice is sent to Go—PopUp so that we have a record and we can send it to the User.
  3. Finally, Go—PopUp issues a final invoice, in this case to the Owner, for the amount of the costs of “Management to the Owner”, disaggregating the VAT (15% of the amount of the assignment).

Through this process, we ensure both parts an excellent management.

Go—PopUp requests the payment of the User prior to the date of the event, to confirm the reservation. As soon as Go—PopUp receives the payment of the User and the invoice that the Owner issues to the User, Go—PopUp pays the Owner for the total amount of the reservation less the management costs, that is to say, 85% of the amount of the assignment.



Below we present the most frequent doubts about the licenses required to carry out an activity in a space. As we commented at the beginning of the post, we will discuss the subject in depth soon, so do not hesitate to send us your feedback to offer you the most important legal aspects!

What is an activity license for a space?

A license is an administrative authorization, in principle indefinite, on the activities that can be carried out in a private space, granted by the Town halls.

It has to do with the dimensions and characteristics of the space (according to the safety, sanitation, sanitary, architectural and sectoral barriers) and the situation (according to urban regulations, to avoid saturation in certain areas, or inconvenience to neighbours, for example ).

Logically, certain licenses are more rigorous than others, and some may include several complementary or compatible activities. The license is associated with the space and, therefore, must be processed by the owner.

Do Go—PopUp insurance cover licenses and permits?

Liability insurance policies cover incidental contingencies, due to accidents or unforeseeable incidents. In no case can cover incidents caused by non-compliance with regulations, such as excess capacity or other limiting circumstances defined in the licenses of the spaces or in the activity permits.

Does Go—PopUp manage licenses or permits to do an activity?

Go—PopUp aims to facilitate the agreement between owners and users to cede their spaces. The availability of the corresponding licenses and permits is a fundamental part of the viability of an ephemeral shop project or event, and Go—PopUp undertakes to publish the relevant information in the tabs of the spaces (subject to the information provided by the owners). And to provide the necessary mechanisms so that users can explain to the owners the objectives of their activity.

In this sense Go—PopUp does not undertake to validate the veracity of the data nor to advise conclusively on the suitability of licenses or permits. For this, we refer you to a form that will put you in contact with our specialists.

I have an empty space without a license, what can I do?

Before publishing your space and transferring it to Go—PopUp you should consult with your City Council what activities you can do in it, and request the licenses that correspond according to the commercial objectives that you have for it. If you have any doubts or need technical help, you can contact our specialists by sending an email to They will help you with everything you need!


We hope this post has been helpful, we hope your feedback for the next posts, which will deepen the legal aspects discussed in this one!

Thank you for joining the Go—PopUp community of owners.

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