How-To Guide: Positioning your space in Go—PopUp

At Go—PopUp we work day after day to bring your spaces to life and to help you, landlord, take full advantage of our platform and your property!

Would you like to appear on the first search pages of our platform? Desire granted, we have prepared a list of good practices that will help you gain the visibility you deserve.


The quality of the space: We want to know everything about your space, so we punctuate positively that your description is as complete as possible. In this way, you will clarify the possible doubts that may arise to the tenant and save time when you enter a request. And let’s not forget the photos! We love to see how beautiful your space is, so why do not you show us all the corners of your place? An average of eight photos increases the likelihood of receiving a request.


The degree of response: One of the most important factors to ensure the tenant’s peace of mind and avoid frustration. That is why we want to reward those answers made during the first 48 hours. On the contrary, those requests expired or cancelled will penalise your positioning in our platform. We are sure that this is a criterion that will benefit you since you will have more time to talk about the conditions of rent and assure your space is perfect to shine.


Description of your profile and references: One of our values is the personal treatment and the singularity of each one of us who are part of this project. You are a key piece, owner! We would love to meet each of you, but since it is not always possible, we encourage you to complete your personal information and put the best of your smiles on your profile.


New additions: We want to give you a push when you enter Go—PopUp for the first time. That’s why you will receive an extra just for uploading your space for the first time. From there to the Top 10!


Good practices: From Go—PopUp we can reward or penalise an owner according to the practices that he carries out in our platform. This criterion will be applied in exceptional cases and will usually be accompanied by a subsequent communication with the person involved. Show all you can contribute to our great community!


We hope this was useful information and let us now if we can help you further. Ready to take advantage of your space while you relax? Go—Enjoy!

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