International Spaces for your Pop-Up

On March 15th we launched the first international alliance of the pop-up retail sector. That’s why we couldn’t wait to show you our top international premises… Join us on this pop-up style trip through the top shopping cities in the world!

Prima fermata… Milano!


In one of the most famous streets of the city, we find Mytemporaryshop, a 40m2 shop with two windows facing the street Corso Garibaldi. It’s a multifunctional premise, ideal for personalising your brand, as it is perfect for all kinds of showrooms.

Our mates tell us that on weekends the street is filled with buyers looking for interesting and peculiar products … Let’s take advantage of that beautiful showcase window!


OhLaLa, Paris!


Close to Boulevard Beaumarchais, République and Marais, this ephemeral boutique of 140m2 is perfect to introduce a new product to the market, reach a new target audience or do a Branding activation for your Brand. The best of all? The 17 square meter showcase window gives added value to this space as it floods the store with natural light.


Hallo… Berlin!


Right in the shopping mecca of Berlin Mitte, we find The Optimistic Store, an 89m2 premise where your ideas and products will be the centre of attention.

The industrial but elegant look are the perfect contrast with a striking vintage interior design. Do you want to make your pop-up right next to brands like Adidas, Porsche Design or Wood Wood? Then this is your space.


Last but not least, the gateway to the Asian market… here we go Hong Kong!


Space managed by two designers as a platform to express their passion and that of others for creativity and ideas. Really a breath of fresh air in a busy Hong Kong. Near the HKU MTR station, the 75m2 Designer space has already hosted about 20 pop-up Stores and is ideal if you want to reach the ‘In-people’ of Hong Kong.


What do you think of our TOP international spaces? At Go—PopUp we are committed to the internationalisation of brands and to help young, promising brands to grow and reach new markets.



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