Property Tech Roundtable Madrid – Creating the Future of Retail

We’re excited to announce, that Go—PopUp is attending the PropTech Roundtable Madrid next Tuesday, the 22nd of January 2019. Among the CEOs of Idealista, Badi, Housell and MisOficinas, our CEO David Pérez will discuss our leading role for short-term commercial property. We will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and practices with those successful leaders in the industry, to continue contributing to create the future of retail.


Upfront to this important event, David gave us and our clients and partners some insights and previews on what to expect this year from us and the market we’re in.


Almost five years ago, we created Go—PopUp as the first Marketplace to rent commercial spaces in very short term leases. The real estate market has always been very rigid and conservative, especially, as regards retail. So we decided to change some things to facilitate the need of brands to have flexible spaces where, and above all, when they are really useful.

In all this time, the need we identified has evolved and matured. In the first place, there is no need to explain anymore what a pop-up store or ephemeral store is; we’ve become used finding them in many places, when there are promotions, where we are on vacation or to help us meeting e-commerce or brands coming from other countries.

Secondly, a pop-up store is not just a one time event or an extravagance to be known, but a consolidated retail channel, as the traditional permanent physical store, the multi-brand distributor, or the online channel. In fact, the online retailers are one of the key players in this change, turning the multi-channel shopping experience into something much more than a transaction; it is a decision process in which the client takes control of the sale; we ma say that the brands no longer sell us, but we buy them.

Only the flagship stores are comparable in relevance to the phenomenon of pop-up stores in this context of changing customer behavior; but pop-up stores are much more ubiquitous, agile, profitable and efficient when it comes to experimenting and minimizing the risk to brands.

Finally, the need has grown and has been structured: the purely real estate solution seems short to many brands, which require turnkey solutions, or tailor-made projects.

To meet this growing demand in volume and sophistication, Go—PopUp is transforming itself and adding new solutions to its portfolio. Already known options of premises, shopping centers, or formats such as stands and containers, Go—PopUp aims to be the reference in the complete pop-up solution. Any customer who needs to create an ephemeral store can contact us and we will take care of everything. We are pop-up project managers, from the location to the production and operation of the stores. And we do this by cooperating with the best suppliers and partners in ten countries; so we will continue to strengthen internationalization in the coming months.

David Pérez, CEO


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