The Encounter is the Toolkit of Modern Society

by Caroline de Jager

We are very excited to announce a new member of our Go—PopUp Family. Caroline is founder of Popupsquare, the very first online platform in the pop up business world wide and known to be a pop up visionary. Today she is talking about the real estate owner of the future.

In a world that is increasingly dictated by information technology, live meetups between people will be increasingly important. Though less frequently (because we have so many other methods to communicate with each other), but more intense and more essential. The toolkit of modern society is the encounter. At home you meet up with your family or friends to “unite”, in the office (from kitchen table to coffee corner) you meet up to brainstorm and to develop solutions with your co-workers. And if you go shopping (or go for a day out ) with your family or friends you mostly seek nice spots to have the best coffee, lunch or drinks and have fun!

The real estate owner of the future should organize or even better “host” these kind of encounters. The future will prove more and more that it is not about buildings or locations anymore, but about people meeting up (these meet ups could be at almost any place). This interesting change in the world  will facilitate an enormous growth in opportunities for entrepreneurs, retailers and all kind of ideas. You, entrepreneur, are now in the driver’s seat! 

So, Go—Find the best spot for your ideas. Travel around with your ideas, exchange ideas with other ideas, exchange locations, share your ideas, not only in your hometown, but also in London or in Berlin, or even in Brooklyn, New York….

Exchange, Share, Unite, Play.

The coming years are all about YOUR ideas. Go, go, go!

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