5 Good Reasons to Open a Pop-Up Store for Christmas

If opening a pop-up store is a guaranteed success, imagine making it the highest sales period of the year: The Christmas campaign!

One of the most apparent advantages of ephemeral shops is that they are a much cheaper solution than having a permanent store. More than 90% of sales are generated in physical stores, and 85% of consumers prefer to buy offline. Pop-ups provide a unique and original shopping experience that turns into a showcase for the brand in an interactive way and generates emotions. Result: higher notoriety, engagement and customers…many customers!

Here are five good reasons to open the doors of a pop-up store during the period of the year of more purchases and gifts:


Key period for retail to boost the sales

Christmas can represent up to 60% of annual sales for brands. For many, the most anticipated commercial season of the year where the traffic of people within the establishments and the opportunities for sale multiply. And a pop-up store can become your best ally for sales and lead generation.


Connect with new customers and build loyalty to old and those who know you online

Retailers use pop-up stores to innovate the way they connect and create experiences with customers. Calling the attention of new and old customers, as well as gaining greater commitment from online customers. The best part is its experiential character, its profile between event, store and street marketing is a great branding action and help generate engagement.


The urgency

You have to buy gifts, and you have to get the most special ones before they run out! Shopping becomes impulsive and full of illusion, a common symptom in holiday periods. In this sense, pop-ups are ephemeral by nature so the message is clear: Quicky, we are in a hurry!




The experience includes your brand in a charming lifestyle

Pop-ups give brands the opportunity to interact with users, express the inspiration behind each collection and explain the history of each product/article. Use the experiential branded content and take for granted that it will have a return.


Get insight into a new product, test out new promotional strategies

Pop-up stores are a great way to connect with the global audience, and at the same time, you have the opportunity to test the products in different locations and markets. They give you the opportunity to give visibility to your products around the world and launch something new.




Pop-ups are the future, let’s build it together.

Good luck and happy selling!

¡Ho, ho, ho!

Your Go—PopUp Team

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