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In Go—PopUp we have prepared a new section with cases of success owners.

We introduce you to Josep, Gemma and Arnau, the smiling guys from the cover photo. They own a pop-up space in one of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona, the neighbourhood of Gracia.

Ready to meet these three cracks?


Creative Pop-Up in Gracia

Owners – Gemma Caihuelas, Josep Armengol and Arnau Miquel

Type of space – Whole shop

Main usage – Pop-Up Store

Surface area – 25 m2

Facilities – Lighting, Showcase, Gazebo, street access, Wifi, Air conditioning, Heating, Video projector and W.C.


What made you want to rent your space for days?

The space was born with the idea of being a space for days, not with a 100% commercial idea. What we had clear is that we wanted to make different things happen in the space at different times. It did not have to be a sale, it could be exposure or innovation.


What fears did you have at the beginning?

The profitability of space. We believe that the main fear we had and still have is money. Inevitably the space has fixed costs and being a pop-up space, it is not fixed. So you do not know if you will be able to have it always full or if you will be able to make changes.


How is your experience with the pop-up format?

It’s very good, but it’s because we like it. It is an experience since you know many people and you see how your space is transformed simply because there is one person or another. Our space is super tiny, it seems that you can not transform it too much, but the change really shows.

We also believe that it is sacrificed since if your space is a success and many things happen, it involves a lot of work: disassemble a night, mount a morning, cleaning the space … We don’t know if all the owners do, but if you overlap one pop-up with the other, while you are communicating one, you communicate the other; While you are entering one client, you are billing the other …


“It is very cool to see how your space is transformed, simply because there is one person or another”


What makes your space different from the rest?

People tell us that it is a very small space – it has 25m2, with its bathroom and storefront- but that having four white walls and a fairly neutral floor is very easy to adapt, fill the space, that is visible and beautiful.

The location is important, we are in Gracia, near Diagonal, so logistically it’s easy to access and attract people.


What would you tell the customer who sees you in Go—PopUp to rent your space?

I would tell you the same thing that our clients tell us, that we adapt and we have everything that is needed. We have furniture, we help them when they come to make the visit and tell us what they want to do, we advise them, we show them pictures of the pop-ups that have been going on, etc.

We are a little more than a space, since we convey the idea of showing a type of design or philosophy. In communication, we also try to help in everything we can. So we’re not just a pop-up space, we want to be an experience.


How many customers do Go—PopUp provide you?

We are a new space. We started at the end of September, so Go—PopUp has contributed 20% of the total customers we have had so far.


Your space and management have been selected from all the spaces on our platform. Could you reveal some of the keys to being successful with a space?

From Go—PopUp, at the platform level, I think the success is that they pay attention to you. If you tell us to upload good photos, empty space, pop-ups … The important thing is to listen to you. If you have the cute pictures and a good description that presents your space, at Go—PopUp level I think it’s easy. From outside we recommend patience, a lot of patience, because it’s a short period of time, many changes, everything is very agile, very fast and intense.

At the space level, it is super adaptable. Personal treatment is another plus. We are continuously tracking to see if the tenant is comfortable or has any need. For our part, we adapt and we always try to help in everything that is needed. Being available to the client and feeling loved, helps.

We would emphasize the added value of being a community related to the field of design since the synergies that can be created are very interesting. We have a Coworking space next to the pop-up space, which we can offer as a complement.


What would you ask us in the future?

If it’s not too much to ask, we want more customers. It’s difficult to get them and I wish we could have more. Yes, from Go—PopUp we have facilities that we do not have from outside: an insurance, we know that we charge in advance and that if anything happens there is someone behind who responds.

We would not mind having 80% of customers by Go—PopUp. We promise to be faithful, but for this year we ask for more customers.

We love meeting our dear owners. How about this section? Would you our team to visit your space?


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