Go—PopUp lands in Australia

Today we land in Australia thanks to the Smart Retail Hub Alliance and the new incorporation of SpaceBook.

Marine wildlife, iconic cityscapes and road trips. Australia offers a wide variety of landscapes, being rated as a World Heritage site. Present your brand in the largest country in Oceania!

Take a look at the Australian cities you can find on our platform:



Vibrant, multicultural and full of spectacular scenery

Sydney is a gateway to Australia for many international visitors. It is amongst the top fifteen most-visited and liveable cities in the world, with millions of tourists coming each year to see the city’s landmarks. Sydney stands out for its beaches, harbours, national parks, bays, international events, and of course, by the Sydney Opera House. Find great pop-up spaces in Sydney!

sydney rent popup gopopup



A glamorous mix of beaches and bars, Melbourne is all art and alleyways

Considered the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne has all the ingredients to be one of the most attractive and interesting cities in the world. Each year Melbourne hosts over a million international visitors. Rent pop-up spaces in the business, administrative, cultural and recreational hub of the state!

melbourne rent popup gopopup


Spread the buzz. Welcome to the adventure SpaceBook!


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