Google Pop-Up Doughnut Shops

To promote the launch of Google Home Mini, a speaker of a size of a doughnut, the company is opening a series of pop-up stores.



Bakeries across the united states are partnering with Google as a way to promote the speaker. Visitors who walk into the pop-up where they’ll be able to ask a Mini device a question. Then they will head to a counter and unbox their package, which will either contain a doughnut or a Mini.

Google says it won’t deprive Mini winners of doughnuts, too. Thank god!


Photo: Andrew Federman


Photo: Andrew Federman


Photo: PopSugar


Photo: Andrew Federman


The doughnut shops at various locations will be open on different days throughout the fall:

• Manhattan: Oct. 4-8, 465 W. Broadway.
• San Francisco: Oct. 4, Oct. 14-15, 432 Octavia St.
• Los Angeles: Oct. 7-8, 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice
• Brooklyn: Oct. 20-22, Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn Bridge Park.
• Austin: Oct. 21-22, 80-82 Rainey St.
• Oklahoma City: Oct. 28-29, 399 NW 10th St.
• Madison, Wis.: Nov. 2, 1415 Engineering Dr.
• Chicago: Nov. 4-5, 435 N. Michigan Ave.
• Indianapolis: Nov. 4-5, West Georgia Street.
• St. Louis: Nov. 9, 4270 Duncan.


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