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A network of cultural activists is applying the pop-up concept to revive an outdated shopping complex in Heilbronn, one of the larger cities in South Germany. Natalis Lorenz, part of the creative collective, who initiated the project, writes for Go—PopUp about the success of the multimono pop-ups store.

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Since the foundation of Complex23 in 2012 in Heilbronn, Sandra Miassar and Wolfgang Egewardt have been realizing projects at the complex’ Off Space. Currently the Complex23 is made out of the Café & Bar, the multimono store, the Triangle exhibition space and the RizzeRazze tattoo and creative workshop. In addition to the usual bar service in the café, the two also organize concerts, readings, performances and other events. Parts of the café, as well as the entire facade are used as  exhibition areas. Apart from being a platform on the in- and outside, the multimono shop rounds off the concept as a store for art, design and handmade goods. Natalis Lorenz,  Annika Winkelmann and Normen Stoll are in charge of the concept for exhibitions, the design and also in terms of creative works of art. Another team member is Philipp Kionka, who knows his way around in the cultural and creative networks.



The multimono shop works as a platform for creatives in Heilbronn, but also collaborates with various national and international artists and is thus able to connect different trades and approaches under the same roof.

To open a second branch of the multimono store as a pop-op shop was an idea that was driven by the thought of introducing our concept in the city center and to create more attention for the main store in the industrial area. Moreover, it was time to bring the concept »pop-up store« to Heilbronn and to counteract inner city vacancy. We were also supported by the city, who realized that temporary store concepts will be important for the future of urban infrastructure.

Despite our motivation, our creative ideas and the city council’s support, negotiating with the landlords about lease terms and duration was a lot of initial groundwork. It took time and lots of communication to convince the space owners of the pop-up concept’s benefits.



Through the support of various partners, sponsors and the city’s cultural grant we were able to rent a store space in the city center for two months and transform it into a multimono pop-up branch.

Apart from selling our products, we will be organizing concerts, readings and other activities and always refer to our main store and further events at the Complex23 to help promote the works of our artists and designers.

After the opening and the first few days at the store, we can already draw a positive picture. It looks like the pop-up store concept is being well received here in Heilbronn. We hope it will grow in the future. Temporary shops and event spaces bear a huge potential for culture and creative industries in the city.

multimono Pop-Up Store at Hafenmarktpassage 

74072 Heilbronn
Opening times:
29.01. – 31.03.2016
Fr/Sa 11 am – 6 pm


Sandra Miassar (owners Complex23)

Philipp Kionka (works in culture and creative industries)

Natalis Lorenz (artist and illustrator)

Annika Winkelmann (artist)

Normen Stoll (artist and graphic designer)


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