Go—PopUp acquires NextSalesroom

Worldwide demand for Pop-up stores continues to grow.

NextSaleroom, Austria’s leading pop-up stores marketplace, has been acquired by Go—PopUp. Nextsalesroom had generated a strong demand and supply for temporary spaces over the last years in Austria, offering a variety of top places for their clients. With this acquisition, Go—PopUp strengthens the role as a global player and leader in commercial short-term rentals, offering more than 7500 spaces in 10 different countries.



Vienna, the home base of nextSalesroom, is highly claimed by international retailers; occupying the 13th place in the ranking of the most popular retail expansion destinations in the world. This is partially due to the fact that 15% of internationally active retailers want to expand their businesses to this city and others within Austria.


Zalando pop-store Vienna 


With this step taken, our team on the ground in Vienna takes over all operations and clients in Austria, while extending all available services within the platform and the customer service. Our mission is to make pop-up spaces easy and fast available to everyone across the globe to launch pop-up stores.




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