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There is something exclusively intriguing about attending a private shoe pop up sale @Circle Culture Gallery in Hamburg. Together with Go—PopUp, the artisanal Italien shoe brand SCAROSSO recently created a unique pop up experience for their customers, offering to see and try their limited edition collection first hand. We seized the moment to talk to SCAROSSO retail manager Miriam Bergmann, asking her 7 questions about the brand’s successful and inspiring pop up experience.

#1 Miriam, we learned that to SCAROSSO “Made in Italy” is more than a certificate of origin but rather a brand philosophy – What does that mean?

It means to create timeless pieces in a premium quality, with tradition and passion. Passion for every single detail.


#2 Can you tell us about your recent pop up project in Hamburg?

The pop up project in Hamburg, is a mobile location, where the customer can find our SCAROSSO collection offered at a special price for just a couple of days.

#3 Two pop ups are never alike. They are unique to the brand and its goals. What is SCAROSSO’s concept of the private pop up sale in Hamburg? What are your goals behind it?

Yes, it definitely applies to us that each pop us is totally unique. We are presenting our products with several pop ups all over Germany and Austria and each temporary project explores different aspects. The pop up retail format allows you, as a brand, to get to know your customers personally and build stronger relationships over time. While roughly 80% of all purchases are still completed online, our pop ups provide the opportunity to take advantage of limited edition products. Generally speaking, the overall goal of the pop up project is to fill vacant store fronts, introduce people to new businesses and breathe new life into downtown.


#4 You need to create a buzz to get people’s attention. Can you share your marketing and event strategy with us?

Build awareness! Both, consumers and the media, love the excitement generated by pop up shops. Build brand awareness by going offline in other locations! That’s very effective in a short period of time.

As to marketing tools: Firstly, we invited our clients, they could get registered on our landing page  We also created a newsletter to inform our customers of the upcoming Hamburg event. Alongside that: regular facebook postings, creating a social media event for the private sale, sharing behind the scenes pictures of the SCAROSSO team with our followers.

On the day of the event itself, all those who had registered, were invited to sip Prosseco, while looking around and trying on the shoes.

#5 How did you come up with the idea of opening a pop up store?

We have a highly successful online store, showroom stores, a loyal community of customers, who are in love with our brand and an audience of fans on popular social networks. We wanted to present the brand in a unique place and as a limited campaign.

#6 You popped up at Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg. How did you choose the space?

Some of the most innovative and successful pop ups we’ve seen and hosted, have taken place in unconventional spaces. I think, it adds a degree of intrigue and captures the imagination of visitors. It also gives me the chance to really experiment with the fit and marketing of the project. For the concept of the private sale in Hamburg, we were looking for an exclusive space, where the customer doesn’t get the impression of entering a conventional store. To achieve this, the combination of an art gallery with the presentation of our SCAROSSO products simply matched, what we were looking for.

3c0c3a9e2b5eadbb488dc301ce7c8467installation view, photo: anna.k.o

#7 What have you learned from the pop up experience so far?

From solid product offerings, good merchandising to a well-versed sales staff – all of it is important and adds to a clear-cut pop up success. The products were presented in shelves in a variety of sizes, style- and color-options offered. Customers could easily mix and match items and shop at their own pace. In the first days we had large amount of visitors, indicating that they came to the area specifically for the private sale.

Thank you Miriam, for sharing the SCAROSSO success story with Go—PopUp!

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