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May 2018

The Inditex brand has created a two-floor pop-up shop in the Japanese capital, created only for online purchases. Upon entering the 800-meter square pop-up in Roppongi Hills shopping mall, clients have access to a QR code system that allows them to use exclusive options on Zara's app. This most importantly lets them select the right size garment chosen instore, and to have the option to buy it from the platform or at the cashier.     So, why make a physical store if buyers can instead shop directly online? The pop-up shop gives the possibility to look at the product, feel it, and try it

  The internationally-known brand has taken over San Sebastian with an unmissable pop-up store. For this event Go—PopUp worked to obtain an innovative design suited to the brand's vision, as well as finding a strategic location to place it. Located at the heart of the city, in Plaza de la Bretxa, the container attracts anyone passing by. San Sebastian, one of Europe's surfing hotspots, goes hand-in-hand with Deeply's target client too, as most of their products are aimed to the sport. Opened all summer season until September 30th, the pop-up includes pieces from their Performance and Competition collection, as well as others from the

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